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Have you Chai'd Kataluma?

Hi. Today I met two of my good friends at Kataluma Chai Co. in the Colorado Mills Mall :) It was just great! I met Kaitlyn in the parking lot, and we drove across the street to sneak-pick-up Kristen from Mimi's Cafe. There, she had been dining with her hubby Blake, and their surprised-for-his-birthday friend Troy (it also happens to be Troy's Ten Month wedding anniversary). Anyway, after a quick catch up with the boys at Mimi's, the three of us girls took the jaunt back across the street to Kataluma's. YUMMM! I got an "original black chai milk shake with carmel spice ice cream." WOW. Seriously rich, but totally delicious--I could eat it all in one sitting very easily :) Don't worry, pregnancy hasn't slowed down my regular ice cream intake, it is still peak on my daily diet!

Kaitlyn (from Colo Springs), me, Kristen (from Norman, OK)
So, here we are just before I left at our own little "Chai Time" like the wall is quoting :) Thanks Kristen for coming to the Denver area and going to your Hubby's cousin's wedding, so we could see you!


Kels said…
I just started weeping! Good thing we will all be joyously reunited in two weeks! Love you, Besties.
Kait--I think this is great! It captured our morning at Kataluma perfectly. I wish we'd had longer time to follow up on the rest of our lives, too, but LOVED the whole morning ;)

Kels--Don't weep! We'll be together SO very soon! Can't wait!

p.s. you should know that Kristen asked if I was due the twelfth of June :) NO--then I wouldn't be going to PA for the wedding the week before ;)
Melissa said…
Man I am so jealous of you guys! :( But I suppose I should focus on the fact that you will be here in less than 2 weeks!! Yes, that will keep me going :)
P.S. Did they re-open Kataluma's? I thought it had closed for awhile?

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