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"Babes on the Boat" & "Kastenhouse 2013: Kitchen in the works" (double feature)

We have been SO SO busy lately trying to catch up, not even keeping up yet, with this whole home-ownership business. I'm NOT complaining, just explaining. Tim has been working beyond crazy hours and physical exhaustion to get our yard, our kitchen, our doors, our dog, our trash, our driveway, our kitchen, our kitchen, and our kitchen into some order. He is doing a great job! We are thankful for the help of our friends around here who come over to lift crazy-heavy things, and for our families who come up to visit and we make them work harder than they do at their own homes. SO THANKFUL for you all, you hear me!? SO. THANKFUL.

Tonight, I am finishing up my catch up game so that I can just do what I'm in the middle of right now instead. Cody's chatting away in his bedroom, something about "hat" and "daddy" and "meeeeewmm" (airplane noises)... Tim is in the garage trying to finish sanding all the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. They're all…

kastenbaby 2013 | week 26

Cody as Big Brother

kastenbaby 2013 | 25 Weeks

Kastenbaby 22 Weeks Ultrasound

Watermelon by the Fire

The other night we watched our friends kids  for the evening. It was a fun night for Cody to have {3} friends to tag along with! The boys loved playing with the MicroMachines, sticks guns, and the fort, while little Joci loved the balls, sandbox, and strawberries: )

I made an easy supper of chicken quesadillas, fruit, and some carrots, which we all demolished at the picnic table. They topped it off with a chocolate ball no-bake concoction Suzy had brought up this past weekend, and then watermelon by the fire. It was a night full of fun, rivalry, food, laughter, and lots and lots and lots of mosquitos.

Cody 22 month update: girlfriend and catch phrase

Cody had to be pried from his sweet Addison ("taddy") a few times this weekend, and has grown a strong strong strong love for her. He was terribly upset anytime we had to leave her side, and threw a meltdown sprawling challenge against getting in the van while she was just a mere vehicle away. Poor Cody, due to the fact that she is 10 years his senior, it is quite unlikely this bond will prove to be true love ;) but every almost-two kid can dream of his own gorgeous 12 year old, right?

In other news, Tim just let me know that He taught Cody to say, How you doin? And he proved it to me with a growly "how-do-doo?"  :) 

Soooo, then when I posted this and viewed it, I was made aware of "other posts like this" and I accidentally watched this video of Cody when he was almost a month old and now I want to cry. He used to be so TINY! And he was just learning how to smile. And he was our only bit of attention. And he was just a pip squeak.
When did this growing up…

kastenbaby 2013 | 24 weeks

Splishing and a Splashing

What a Great Little Man

Cody is such a joy to spend time with these days, more and more! We LOVE just watching the little person he continues to become.

Cody Alton is... kindgentlevivaciousclevercurioustallheavyinto coloringa total mini-dadfunnyfasthungry alwaysnot ok with a lid on his cupa singera dancerathleticmaggie's bfflovingdirtyfull of mosquito bites and ticksnot afraid of much a bit cautiousloudawesomea hummeran exploreran artistimaginativeinto cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, bikes, lawnmowers, 4 wheelers, and trains... things that go

Count it all JOY

I've been doodling a lot lately while Cody colors. It has been a peaceful time of reflection for me in the midst of toddler mayhem around here. I love drawing phrases and favorite scriptures more than things. I wouldn't put myself in the artist category... A photographer yes, that makes me a creative type, but I'm not gifted at other media areas. That's okay. I really enjoy it and am thankful for the freedom to dig into and stare at wise words for a few minutes.

Here's what I mean :) I like this kinda thing. Like I said. I'm not a pro or anywhere a near it, but I'm a sinner and I have this heart to praise God with my everything... Even though I will never bear perfection. It brings me joy :)