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Kitchen Concepts that We're Looking At

Waiting on this place, Praising our KING

Well, rumor's are true: Tim and I are buying a home. We found just the right place for our needs and wants, and are now waiting to close on the property in the next couple of weeks. So, it is not finalized yet, and it is not OURS yet... but we are trusting in God for this to come through if that is His will for our family.

Guys, this place is SO great and really what we dream of. It's a foreclosure, and needs quite a bit of work, but is a newer home and we can't wait to get our Tim's hands dirty. :) He has some excellent strength, motivation, and skills. We're grateful for the community we have up here and around within family and friends that are willing to help us make this house a home. We'll be putting in flooring, cabinets and appliances as soon as we can after closing on the home. We may be living in a disheveled place for a little while, but are very much looking forward to putting these tough times on the memory block as "the way it used to be.&qu…

I love this moment | ENJOYING the PRESENT

I love this picture of Tim & Cody. More than that, I love this moment. They're just sitting in the same old (old) LaZboy that Tim remembers sitting in on Mike's lap. They're talking to each other, digging for reciepts and whatever else they can find in Tim's wallet. They just dink around like this for so long. Cody grunts some form of "talking" to his dad, and Tim just pipes back a funny-and-endearing mockery of the same sound. It is the sweetest. I stood and watched them for who knows how long. Just thanking God that these guys are in my life.

I've spent a lot of time waiting and wondering these past few months. We're really being forced to be patient with a few things in our life. That's okay, God is working in our lives at the same time. We're being challenged to walk more closely with Him and not seek to fulfill our needs without Him. We CAN'T. Tim and I are learning to Trust & Obey (for there's no other way to be happy i…

Christmas 2012 | Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

We had a great Christmas!

Big Picture:Hectic. We were crazy busy trying to coordinate plans between so many families.
Small Pictures with each family group:WONDERFUL! We had a blessed time with many many people during the week of Christmas.

One of the really great parts is that we got to spend some time with my dad! We haven't ever spent a Christmas with him (since Tim & I have been married). So, that was a total treat! He has met Cody and spent time with him before, but as Cody grows older, it's fun to watch him interact with Grandpa Joel!!

Thanks, Dad, for coming to Milaca!!! WE LOVE YOU!

Christmas with the Swedins

Christmas with the Bergstroms

We went to Triple Espresso!!!! And out to eat at Khan's Mongolian Grill... Photos are on my phone (Coming soon to the blog)

Christmas with the Kastenbauers

Christmas with the DeBoers