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I don't believe in ghosts.

So, on this year's famed Fourth of July (day filled with sun, evening filled with tailgating and colors in the sky, and nighttime filled with tornadoes, crying, and broken-soaked tents) we turned into ghosts. But, really I just came across this funny picture where Tim and I are ghostly (due to lack of holding still for the duration of the timer on the gorilla pod). I just thought it was interesting, and got a kick out of it, anyway:)

Land of 10,000 Lakes

Well, we successfully arrived home after two long days of (safe) traveling through Iowa & Nebraska!
Our trip to Minnesota was a week and a half of exhilirating boat rides, exciting discoveries, fun conversations, baby bellies, great friends, vision for missions, and laughs. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Most vacations make you feel like you need a vacation when you get back... but this one, we really weren't ready to head out on Saturday when we did.
First, we went to Mokahum. This included time at Grandpa & Mary Ann's house on Loon Lake with Krej & Maggie. Grandpa adores Maggie, so it was great for him to get in his dog-fix with her during the days that we left their place to head to Bemidji. (we gave Odile back, to go with a family with a bigger yard because she couldn't stay in her kennel all day)

We visited Oak Hills Christian College (a fellowship with a Camp Ministry and the Center for Indian Ministries--CIM) and met the the President. Paul …