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We are moving in THREE MONTHS!

Well, somehow the month of March pretty much flew by. Tim and I have been super busy at work, and at home. Tim got a job with A & P Construction after only being home three weeks. Praise God! The tough parts of that are: We're on temporary insurance, we know he'll only be with this company for the next three months, and he has to drive 72 miles one way to his job each day. ISH! That means, he's getting up before 5, to leave at 5:20am... to get to his job before 7. Then, he works until 3:30, but has been putting in several overtime hours. Time & a Half is good, but it means he isn't getting home until after 7pm some days. That makes for a LONG day, and even longer week if we don't get to see each other much, or if he's only home in time to put Code to bed. Anyway, in the long run, we are SO SO SO grateful that we both have great jobs, and are able to save some money right now.

In other news, we are moving in just three little months. This is coming much …

father & son time

Cody: Standing around in a laundry basket

His latest tricks.

Cody eating Sweet Potatoes

Now that he's seven months old, we officially have a chunk of videos to add... seemingly one at a time for your enjoyment ;)

This is Cody the other day eating Sweet Potatoes. He eats a lot of them, and avocado, squash, apples... he's not into rice cereal or bananas, he pukes after those.

Cody doing "pull ups" at work yesterday :)

6 Months Old

Cody is a little bundle of ENERGY! He is very active, very cute, and very crazy. We have been starting to "childproof" the house little by little, because Cody scoots places, chews on anything that is within reach, and can sit up and pull himself to standing if whatever he's pulling on doesn't topple over onto him first. We are glad he eats baby food now. I've been mashing avocados, which are his favorite, and I freeze them. {more on that in a separate post} he eats about two cubes of avocado or squash, or applesauce for a "meal" once a day in addition to still eating around 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, and 7:30pm :) He's on a little bit of a schedule for naps, taking two,, sometimes three a day, depending on the car rides. And He's got the tiniest bit of a tooth poking through on his bottom middle. WOW. he is growing up.