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Having Visitors, Being a Visitor, Having Visitors...

Well, the month of May-hem has begun... just two days early. I LOVE these next few weeks. Although it is CRAZY, I am so looking forward to seeing so many of our family (and friends) that are coming! Today, Tim's mom Suzy is flying in, to spend some time with her boys, and I get to see her a couple days, too... If she would have come yesterday, she would have believed the weather's generosity : it was like 80 yesterday. But, because she gets here tonight, she'll join in on our new weather option : Snow and Rain.

Next in Line::: MONTANA! I head out Saturday morning with our team of 5 eighth graders, and 3 adults. We would love your prayers for
-safe driving
-no problems with the rental suburban
-good weather: we'll be out building a fence most days
-Relationships to be built, kept, and maintained in accordance with already-existing connections
-the LORD's will for each member of our team to be made clear this week... lots of growing and stretching will happen in our …


Tim impresses me. I am just so amazed at the quality of work he can do. Sure, his job isn't always as glorious as it could be... but,  look what he does in his spare time! He is a man of great workmanship (that's a word, I think) and I admire him for it.

This is a coffee table he just recently built to sell. Pray that this furniture building, as a side job, flourishes! We are so grateful just to have the space in the garage for him to be able to work down there. I think it is a gorgeous color, grain, and design. Way to go, Tim!
Our dad's brother, Uncle Jason, came to town this weekend for a writers conference! Unfortunately Tim wasn't able to join us downtown for lunch because he was painting at a side job--don't ask him to paint for you, he pretty much hates it :)--and Joy had to head out early to babysit. Anyway, we had a great time chatting for a couple of hours about life: jobs, marriage, family, writing, radiologists schedules...etc. It was great to see him again and spend some quality "adult time" together now that we're all grown up. We enjoyed the calamari, and our meals at Palettes, the quaint restaurant in the building of the Denver Art Museum.


This is the purse I bought a while ago at the Thrift Store when the cashier was a little snippy with me :)


Well, it is officially nice and springy around here! Today it feels like 70 and is very sunny! I had to wear my bright lime green tights and a green shirt to school today, and wish I could have worn even cooler clothes... But, it was our big kick-off for a Go for the Green "Leap of Faith" fundraising challenge at Hope Christian Academy. It was a fun little pep rally and we made a crowd tunnel for the students we sent off to the World's Cup Stacking Championship (Tomorrow Morning) in Denver. I wish I had a clip of this stuff to show you--these kids K-5th Grade are Intensely FAST at Cup-stacking! Look this "sport" up on youtube or something, because it is impressive.

For spring break last week, I was able to attempt a few garage sales with Jordy & Joy--turn out of sales was poor. But that's okay, it gave me more time to read and relax, and grade some papers for school. We checked out Golden Gate Canyon State Park's Picnicking area, and I thought how …

He Is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter! Tim and I spent Friday evening at a Tenebrae style Good Friday service at church. It was interesting to experience a new way to see the power of our Lord's mercy, love, and then crucifixion. Today is Easter Sunday... we celebrate the Resurrection of HIM! Read the story yourself: here in scripture (NIV)

After church, we came home with Uncle Jon (and Cousin Cooper), Jordan & Joy to have a dinner of sweet honey glazed ham with scalloped cheesy potatoes (so thick and creamy), and some green bean casserole (although I forgot to buy french fried onions, so we had bread crumbs on top instead). For dessert, we splurged with Jon's Cheescake, Joydan's Confetti Cake, and my Snicker Salad... which all made for a YUMMY and filling afternoon. Of course, we didn't end the day until we'd played two rounds of Farkle (Snarfblast).

Happy Easter, dear family and friends! We would have loved to celebrate with you, too.

On a side note, Timothy found …