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Pelecanus erythrorhynchos (The American White Pelican)

Tim and I went to Prewitt Reservoir the other week to check it out after he took me Teal Hunting (Ducks). It was super beautiful... about 80 degrees and SUNNY. We were driving around and saw these Pelicans. Such a wondrous sight! These are one of the Largest Birds in North America... They weigh between 10 and 20 pounds (male and female) and have a wingspan of 8 to 9.5 feet! These things are huge! And SO incredible to me. Tim always teases me when I want to go check the few out who breed in one of the ponds behind our place. There is a flock (?) of 10 or so who've been here both summers we've been in Littleton. It's neat! Listen to them here!


Welcome Fall! I am SO glad you came!

A Weekend With the Boys

So, after our fun-lived adventures around town, Suzy and I drove through ridiculous hours of the night on a Friday to reach the boys down in Norwood. 
It was SO worth the construction, the wrong (not)turn, the traffic, the darkness, and the cliffs we endured. Suzy drove and I chatted with her the whole time. It was actually a pretty decent drive, considering.

A Week Without the Boys

"So," one might ask,"what exactly do two women do for a week while their husbands are off in a Mountainous land bugling for Elk?"
Suzy and I asked ourselves that question once or twice, but quickly filled our immediate time with cooking too many casserole dishes to freeze and send with the later crowd  (Tim). Then, we indulged ourselves with looking up creative blogs and sites like Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman. CHECK IT OUT. Thanks to Trixeta, I familiarized myself with the Pioneer Woman in a previous summer. So, when Suzy came home from an Adventure at Mardel and told me about this wonderful cookbook called The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and described it, I knew JUST what it was that she was talking about. 

Many of the other things we did included kids of either of my two babysitting families: B's and D's. Whom I of course LOVE to pieces. Things like: going to Tiny Town the week after the bitsy train had crashed and caused all this real-people drama and ho…