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Baby Boy!

Jesse Robert, adorable with a neck roll, and darker hair arrived at 12:26am today. 8 lbs 12oz, 21 1/4 in tall. He is so sleepy and Cody gave him a kiss the first thing when he saw him! Tim, baby and I are at the hospital till tomorrow! Codeman is with grandma at our house. 

Lots more to follow :) 

Love,  Tim, Amy, and the boys 

The Skies Proclaim the Works of HIS Hands

Because I'm behind on posting my weekly pregnancy updates... I'll tell you a few things, and share a lightning picture with you instead of catching up on them.

- I had my 38 week Check Up with my OB yesterday. I've progressed some more than last week, and he said not to wait if I go into labor. Just come right away, because he doesn't think it will be a long labor... but he obviously is just guessing, not promising. I was a little over 2cm and pretty thinned out. Baby has dropped some more, and is ready to make an appearance!

- Cody has been screaming, laughing, crying, shouting, dancing, jumping, reading, singing, and talking in his bed today instead of napping. He sounded so wretched and was crying "Help Me, Mooooom!" two times already that I went in there, and he shaped right up. That Kid! He must know that I'm on my very wobbly last leg of energy and spirits here this week.

- Cody had a 2 year check up today and he's healthy as can be. And right o…