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Date Night!

Tonight, Tim and I are dropping the Codman off with the Tedford's and heading over to IKEA. Will it be totally crazy because it is just a crazy busy place anytime, especially Christmas week!?
I guess in the long run, we don't care! We want a date night. AND I have some extra Christmas shopping to do. It's two-fold goodness. Well, actually three-fold: we also are anxious to see Ryan & Trixie AND their newest addition to the family, Nigel! They just adopted Nigel a few weeks ago from the Denver Dumb Friends League. He's an Australian Shepherd or something (?) who is super cute and sits on the dryer everyday to look out the window, waiting for them to come home from work. I haven't met him yet, but Tim has... I'm excited!

Another bright note: *It's snowing*

See how he's grown!

Kastenbees Family Photos

Images © 2011 Joy DeBoer {My sister in law takes great pics!}

Cody is 4 months old

As I'm sure you can see, our past few months have just flown by! We can't believe that our little Codman is already four and a half months old. I just about cried the other day (not really: I'm not like that, I just like to exaggerate) at the Doctor. He had his 4-month Well Check, and Dr Emily was mentioning what we'd be talking about during that visit. She said we'd hit on his growth and development, talk about vaccines, and then talk about starting him on solids, like rice cereal. WHAT!?! I just gave birth to this kid, he's not ready for rice cereal!!! But, in reality, he's on the cusp of teething; we're thinking a top tooth may pop out in like a month, but he's been chewing on everything like a mad man for almost a month now. He weighed in at 14 lbs 6 ounces, and measured 25 inches long; so he's right on track, about average. His head circumference was 42cm I think, which put him above average... haha!

He hasn't had any ear infections, o…

Video Catch Up day...

So, I just posted nine million new videos of Cody on youtube... you should catch up on what he's been up to the past two months :) THIS is a video playlist on youtube, so you can just press the NEXT button if you don't want to watch the current video (looks like |> or something) You can see them all on our youtube homepage thingy too...  

Cheesy Christmas Pic

Here's our cheesy Christmas picture for you all to get a kick out of.

Cuddle Time with Dad!

Cody and Tim cuddling on the couch Thursday night. I love these boys!!!

25 ways to wear a scarf.

So, I've been trying to get more creative with how I wear my scarves. Since I wear them about every single day, I thought it would be nice to change it up a bit. I mean, I rotate between about 5 scarves all year, so I'm sure people wonder, "Why does Amy wear that every day?" Well, my friend Kristen had this on her facebook page a while back, and I favorited it on youtube. I've only watched it once, but you'd be proud. Just in the last month I've worn my scarf like three ways all ready. Before that, I was ONLY wearing it in a big european pashmina style loop knot thing.

Anyway, I enjoyed this video. All scarves aside, this is a very neat production, too!

Crying it out. Yikes.

Since last week, Cody's schedule has been off a little... I think he's been going through a growth spurt, and we had the time change for Daylight Savings Time. He is waking earlier in the mornings, (between 4-6am since the time change, and 6:30 is when I used to have to wake him up) and having a harder time falling back asleep in night time or day time sleeps if he awakes while still tired or should be sleeping. The hardest part is that he gets so tired, from not taking as long of naps... he's still been taking them, just shorter, and more frequently. Unfortunately, his being overly tired makes for SUPER unpleasant car rides :( You know I work everyday. I have the biggest blessing: I'm able to take Cody with me. However, this means he's also along for the 45 minute commute to and from work at 7:15am and at 5:15ish pm. YIKES... this is getting SO HARD. He's been sleeping probably 3 out of 4 days to work, but, coming home, he only sleeps like 1 out of 4, and that…

Sunday morning bath time... clean for church!

Bemidji (sounds like buh-midge-ee)

It has been great hearing our Colorado friends pronounce the names of places in Minnesota.

Mille Lacs.

it's all been funny :) I can't tell you here, because I don't even know what they are saying half the time. So, how would I type it out? Out of context, the words make no sense to me; in context, I can tell what they're getting at.

and to my dear CO friends, if this is you, (although you may not even know)I only mean this in the sweetest way possible. Thank You for caring and even looking up the names in our letters and blogs about what we're doing. We are SO GRATEFUL for your support in this venture! Love you! Please keep talking to us about Minnesota. We are LOVING sharing our story with you.

Can't wait to update you all again soon on our missions.

p.s. we've already received some commitments for financial and prayer support for CIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvest Carnival at Colorado Christian University (my alma mater)

Here are a few pictures from the CCU Harvest Carnival that I | Amy Kate Photography | had the privilege of hosting a photo booth at! Cody was well-loved, sought after, and cared for the whole four hours I was there. What a good little boy. Erica is the world's best babysitter, and she basically runs CCU (She's the Director of Student Activities), so she was there. She held and fed and played with the little Codman Cowboy for much of the time. I ran into Jenna (old roomie!) and my fab five friend Melissa's sister Emily... it was great! Our friends Michael and Karen from our 3 Strands AC at church came with their precious son Micah, and baby K (currently a bump)!

It was a little breezy, but a fun afternoon. A great opportunity to share my photography business with others, too! I am so thankful for the provision to our family in ways that just pop up. Awesome!

our happy three-month-old!

Cody Alton is a happy, healthy three month old baby today! I brought him in for a weight check and exam. He weighed 12 pounds, 10 ounces. That's perfect :) 
Dr. Jen thinks he just has a bad cold--poor kid--that has been bugging him for over two weeks now. If there's no change by next Wednesday, I'll bring him in again. The little guy has been so congested, he's not eating or sleeping well, but at least his acid reflux is pretty much resolved with the generic Zantac. We've been having him sleep in his car seat in the pack and play, and for these two congested weeks, he's been better while sleeping, Praise God for an otherwise healthy child!! 
We love this precious boy with all our heart! He is a blessing and huge element of JOY every day.
Thank You God for this son of ours!!!

Faith and Freedom

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1

FAITH We are saved from God's judgement and penalty for sin by God's gracious gift to us. We receive salvation by faith--trusting in him--not in anything else. Becoming a christian is in no way based on our initiative, wise choice, or good character. We can be right with God only by believing in him.
Your acceptance with God comes by believing in Christ alone. You must never add to or twist this truth. We are saved by faith, not by the good that we do, Have you placed your whole trust and confidence in Christ? He alone can forgive you and bring you into a relationship with God.
FREEDOM Galatians is our charter of Christian freedom. We are not under the jurisdiction of Jewish laws and traditions, nor under the authority of Jerusalem. Faith in Christ brings true freedom from sin and from the futile attempt to be right with God by keeping the …


last night we hung around the house, just lounging. tim worked on his wood stove for our new tent, while cody and i watched. tim heard cody giggle/laugh for the first time, and cody was super active!

Friday Night!


Last night Tim & I had the treat of dinner with the Clausen's. 
We had a fun time telling stories and hearing about Mokahum! Pastor Dan was just up there over a week ago, teaching the second-year students. What a blessing to hear God's work being done-- those 6 or so students have grown tremendously since last year when Pastor Dan taught them as first year students! WOW!

Sicky McSickersons

Well, Cody is feeling and acting pretty close to normal... he's stuffy and sounds like a pig snorting sometimes, but is coughing much less. Praise God! Unfortunately, Tim's got it real bad now. In fact, he went to work on Tuesday, but came back after trying to do anything for like an hour and couldn't make it. He sounds terrible, he's congested, and he has a nasty cough. My poor boys. I am thankful that I'm feeling well, but it does make me feel worse for Tim. Here I am home and cozy on my day off, and Tim who is in rough shape has to be out in the freezing cold :( shoveling snow at work... I know it is just going around right now, but I sure wish Tim could be better! He actually slept on the couch for the second half of the night last night because he kept waking the Codman up with his coughing, etc.  Oh, AND he has school tonight. BUMMER.

On a lighter note, I am just at home today finishing up some photos from the photo booth at CCU last Saturday, and Cody's…

Tutorial Tuesday: Lined Stocking...

Purple Panda Quilts: Stocking for Kids Tutorial Tuesday: Lined Stocking...: Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew has generously agreed to share her tutorial for a lined stocking with a cuff. So without further ado - here...

Trixie and I are hoping to have a sewing party sometime soon, and we want to make our family's some Christmas Stockings. This is just one of the many I found while perusing pinterest... I am going to have to shop for some cute fabrics, now :)

Cody is sick. But Happy Halloween!

Well, last weekend, Cody and I got sick with something kinda like a nasty cold. I'm not totally sure what it is, but my sore throat and fever are gone, and Cody's runny nose and congested cough are worse this weekend than last. Poor Kid. He can hardly sleep because he's so stuffed up. We're running the humidifier, squirting little saline drops in his nose, and sucking him clean with the aspirator bulb... The little guy's tough, but we just feel so helpless. He's woken up with a few crusty/bloody noses and has a hard time even eating or sucking on his nuk when he's real stuffed up.  Any tips from the mamas out there are welcome :) 
I feel bad because we've just been tooling him around everywhere. Friday night was the Family Fun Night at church, and I had him outside for like 4 hours yesterday when I was up at CCU for a photo thing at their Harvest Carnival. He is eating and sleeping a lot today, which is good. I stayed home from church with him to try t…