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Grateful for Advent: Christmas is Coming, Christ is The Lord!

Playing in the Snow | Motherhood

I love being their mom.
So much.

Sick | trials of toddlerhood

Well, we are into week four for sickies in the house. I feel like one of the boys can't breathe for three days, then they start hacking up lovely green snot, and the other starts sneezing. Then, Tim gets a sore throat. By then, there is diarrhea for Cody or sneezing for Jesse. It's all a continual stream of snotty snot. And I just don't like it: there haven't been a lot for fevers or complaining, but there definitely hasn't been a lot of good sleep at night around these parts... Especially with Cody. He woke up before midnight last night totally chilled and filthy. I gave the first midnight bath that I can remember and the poor guy was just laying in there trying to get warm while I cleaned off the stinkiest stink you can imagine from a two year old babe. He hardly wants to eat anything either. :( 
 A huge Blessing: both boys are taking good naps! 
Today is snowy!!!! I bet we have like 6 inches now, or I don't know- lots, and it is still a steady snow (all day) l…