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family: Enjoy this photo book I made :)

Hairy Yak... I think?

Colorado is just full of Unique Beauty. This guy really impressed me on our drive to Buena Vista the other week!

Too Many Days Off equals Summer Fun!

I met Joy & her little nanny girls at Clement Park last week for a nice, shady, chat :)
And the other day, Erica and I went to Lair O' the Bear Open Space Park, and picnicked. We enjoyed Bear Creek tickling our feet, and basked in the sun's glare. A fun day, just for the girls... Plus, Erica had to use SOME of her time off before it went out the window ;)

Splashes in the Sun... What a Fun Day!

Even with what seems like a million days of rest, I am still feeling like I look... TIRED. I've been recovering well, and am just hanging on to a little cough for old time's sake. But, that's okay. I have been blessed with a couple more days of rest before I start work next week, as a Nanny! Two little girls are going to be such a blast!


Fear not,      for I have redeemed you;      I have summoned you by name;      you are mine.

As I read this morning, I came across this verse of REDEMPTION in the Lord's merciful love. I feel like this verse has been sort of a theme in my learning lately. I see that I am nothing without Him. That IN HIM, I am called to LOVE, and I will be LOVED. Maybe you can feel like you are called home today, maybe you can feel like a burden can be taken from your shoulders today, or maybe you can just TRULY feel loved today. I pray that the Lord uses this in your life to call you to Him in a greater, closer sense than you've ever known Him... As He is doing with me. To know him is to want to know Him more. This is some of what I read today from Isaiah 43:1 But now, this is what the LORD says—
       he who created you, O Jacob,
       he who formed you, O Israel:
       "Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
       I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
2 When you pass through th…

Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads and granddads in our lives, we want to say, THANK YOU! Thank You for the part you have played in challenging us to become who we are today, and what we have yet to do. 
We are grateful for your love, encouragement, discipline, and example. 
Bob, Joel, Mike, Ken, Merle, and George... We Love You!

The J J Express

I don't know if you've all seen my little box on the right hand side of this page called "What I'm Following" or  not...

Just in case you haven't, I thought I would point out Jordan & Joy's link to their blog. I know a lot of you might want to follow both... so there you go!

It is always fun to see the pictures and just try to keep up with people's lives! 

This is Jordan & Joy with Diane :)

3 Strands Campaganza!

We went to Buena Vista this weekend with four other couples in our Sunday School class at church (Our Adult Congregation is called 3 Strands). We stayed in a very easy-access campground, complete with bathrooms and showers (for those cleaner than myself). Unfortunately, one family had TWO tents flood, and they went home after a nice pizza lunch at Pizza Works! They left after our first of two nights. Another family also left that evening. But, they stuck around with us until after we enjoyed the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. We were grateful that Tim & I got to spend time with each of those families, though! So, from a Friday start of 12 people, we finished on Sunday with 5.

The hot springs were fun, but it was still pouring rain on us while we were there. I think everyone felt like a bit of a Debbie Downer, because it just didn't seem like things were going as planned. BUT I think it was excellent experience for Tim and I... I mean, watching these families try to change their k…

Change the World

During my four years at Colorado Christian University, I learned, grew, and was challenged. For senior year, we had a little project for our Seminar. We had to make a video of how we would change the world through Thinking Critically. This is what Kels, Zach, and I came up with... tell me what you think. My friend Erica (Director of Student Activities at CCU) recieved this video in an email that said this:

"Dear Alumni,
During the final semester of their college experience, graduating students complete a “senior seminar” where they reflect upon their time at Colorado Christian University. They also complete a capstone project that integrates their faith and learning over their college years.
The other day I stumbled across one of these senior seminar projects on You Tube, and thought I would share it with you. This short, creative, inspiring, declarative video sums up the CCU experience. It tells the story of why we do what we do.
The CCU experience is enabled by generou…

George Elmer & Viola Elvira Isaacson Valo

Grandpa George Grandma Vi We love these two, and are ever grateful for their thoughtful stories and insight.


Well, a few weeks ago we went to a Rockies Game. It rained. I keep calling them the Twins, but they really are the Rockies. Unlike the Dome that the Twins probably won't boast about, the Rockies only have an outdoor Stadium... That is nice on nice days. BUT crummy on crummy days. Tim, Jon, and I each enjoyed our first game there, and soaked up a few (million) rain drops while we were at it!

The game ended up being cancelled or stalled or something after the never-ending 8th inning, so we headed home just a little early. It was a fun time, dancing to their batting songs, and singing our hearts out to Miley Cyrus (Just me and Jon for that last one, Tim wouldn't do such a thing).

Despite the rain, we thoroughly enjoyed the night out. It was a FREE game (awesome fun date night) from Fransen & Pittman. Plus, Tim bought us (me) some Kettle Corn from the "Peanuts. Popcorn. Cotton Candy!" Man. Oh, and ask Tim and Jon how much the LOVED the Beer salesman who called out &qu…

Goin' to the Chapel

Vince and Joia are getting married! I will be helping out with their pictures on August 10, 2010... The Lord has blessed them with a wonderful, fresh love. I am thrilled to be a part of their big day!

Lovie Dovies

Here is my sweet friend Melissa with Steve, her man. They are a cute couple, and I wish them huge blessings and that God's Will be clear to them. Tim and I were grateful to spend time with them, and dear Kaitlyn down at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. We also went on this fun little jaunt for a picnic rendezvous point, and Kait led us to a place where she'd sought out a Geocache, just the night before. We just ate lunch and Steve threw his apple backward over his shoulder and the core stuck just on the edge of the cliffy rock behind. Overall, it was a wonderful time with great friends before the pair of doves headed back to Pennsylvania, and Cinnamon Linamen left for her time in India. She'll be sweating her little heart out in NW India, as their team from theMILL will be trading around their little saaris and cortas between the girls to stay in full cover during their ministry--which is taking place in "feels-like 150 degrees" weather. The Lord Bless the…

Twin Lakes

This weekend, we set off for Twin Lakes, Colorado. A quaint mountain town in between Leadville and Buena Vista on the road to Aspen. It was absolutely gorgeous weather. We were baking all day, everyday, to warm up before our freezing cold nights. It was perfect. We set out the hammock, Jon drove the camper, and Jordan and Joy were SO into playing "Risk" with us, that our group of five (plus Maggie) made for the perfect crowd. We loaded up on all kinds of goodies at the grocery story Thursday night... things like: Twizzlers, pop, chips, S'mores, Coleman fuel, E.L. Fudge cookies, fruit snacks, Eggo waffles, Jiffypop, breakfast sausage... it couldn't have gotten much better than this. I'm tellin' you, we had it ALL. and it was all junk :) Jon brought the stuff for brats, hamburgers, and BBQ chicken on the grill.

We certainly needed the little bit of exercise we had when Joy led us on her (and Jordy's) first Geocaching experience! She trekked us up the mounta…