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Cody and the "poo" (Pool) | toddlerhood

How can I even write out some of the things Cody says? I dont know how to spell the goofy versions!   I love hearing it all so much I have a hard time correcting when he is off a little bit (or completely). I know he will outgrow it eventually, so I might as well let him say things different now while it lasts, because all to soon ill be watching him study new words for a school project and he will be writing essays, and it just isn't worth it. I want to hear the mixed up two-year-old version while he is two. It's all doog.

Doog-good Poo- pool Tuck- cut Miaminness- vitamins Chuck- truck Nan- van Doose- goose Toss-ee - coffee Chockate- chocolate Shooweeal- cereal Take- cake Mushauw- marshmallow Todee- Cody
Other funny things he says: 
Silly goose... "I'm not a goose, I'm a boy!"
With underwear on his head- "look mom! I'm a man!"
"Where I am, mom?" 
"Jesse Boy"
"Four's (Thor is) a knucklehead."  Thanks to his dad…

Jesse Boy | Four Months Young

This little dude. He's becoming a big little dude.

He is smiling all the time. Even when he cries, it seems like he has a laugh mixed in.

He is a total flirt with everyone who looks at him. And with inanimate objects (like a fan, or a light, or a wall).

He wants to sit up. He likes the high chair, the boppy, the bumbo, the jumper, and even his belly now.

He rolled over from his tummy to his back once this week! (4.5 months)

He wants to touch things. Lots of things. He puts pretty much everything in his mouth, including his fingers (or as much of his hand that he can).

He drools a lot and gnaws on everything.

He is a big babe. He in size 6/9month clothes, size 2 and 3 diapers, and is "fluffy" on the scale of percentages from the dr.  :) He is an over-achiever in each department of Height, Weight, and Head Circumference.

He sleeps very well, and just on his 4-month birthday did he start waking up in the night to eat. He now sleeps from about 7pm to 7am, and wakes up once …

Know His Word | On Growing Up, and a New Year

Well, I have to face reality. Our boys are going to grow up. Too fast. All of 2013, I had a motto of "Be Present." It's actually the first time I have EVER set a Resolution for the New Year, and stuck with it. I lived by it. God has proven over and over again His faithfulness to me, my husband, and our family. Whenever we are weak, He makes us stronger. When we fall down, He picks us up. I was starting to get bogged down in keeping track of everything in life. I was trying so hard to document milestones, capture photos of the moment, do "this" by a certain time, work on being better... well. It ended up consuming me more than just BEING in the moment. I have had to force myself to set the camera down, slow down with the moment, and get in it before it passes me by. My personality is a busy one. I like to do things. I like to have fun and enjoy life! But, I was certainly not doing that very well if I was so busy making life "good" that I wasn't rea…