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“The LORD'S loving kindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. ‘The LORD is my portion,’ says my soul, ‘Therefore I have hope in Him.’ The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him.”
--Lamentations 3:22-25

Bandaids hurt!

After all the snowshoeing, and just tromping around in the mounds of snow on the side of the mountain, Cooper had a hard time walking around. So, Jon helped him get them off. He didn't like it.

The extreme sunshine on day two made for excellent snowball-making and Cooper-snow-washing. As much as we love him, he's still the biggest pansy that ever sets foot in the Rockies.

Winter Camping in the Spring

We went camping this weekend! It snowed, it was freezing, and it was a great experience. Although we woke up several times wondering if our feet or noses were still going to be able to function when morning came, we were able to soak up the heat kept inside of the camper's thin walls--if you've ever been a pop-up camper, you know how unrealistic "heated" indoors are when it is merely 17 degrees outside. I think this may be the new drive-in spot! We were totally secluded in our little campsite. After we had set up the Jayco, we met the campground host (he lives up the road and rents out llamas and snowshoes). He let us know that we're welcome to rent out his cabin at the end of the un-maintained road anytime we want. So, we thought, let's check it out. We snowshoed up the narrow road until we met a locked gate... then we just decided to tromp our way up the steep slope. Higher, and higher we went until we decided, we'll start heading down. It …

Sweet Deals.

Today, Maggie & I made a trip of errands. I love taking her with me. Aside from her stench every time you re-enter the vehicle, and the whining you get used to enduring, she's fine company.

Sweet Deal #1: First we hit up the library because I couldn't make it there on my Snow Day the other day (they were also closed, much to my demise). But, I gathered the books I had waiting for me on the "hold" shelf, and headed over to the movie aisle. I think we have some good plots ahead of us this week:)

Sweet Deal #2: After the Library, we raced through all the slushy snow and deep gushing puddles over to ARC. I got a sweet deal on a Coach purse, and the lady at the register reminded me of that as she glared at me--I would guess that she was simply mad because one of her coworkers let this piece of black leather slip buy into the regular stash without being overpriced and placed in the glass case behind the counter.

Sweet Deal #3: Before heading home, we made a final stop …

Home Number Two: Littleton, Colorado

This is our Littleton home. We have lived here over a year now, and plan on sticking around for quite some time. Because I started this blog a long time ago and didn't do anything with it, the only thing on here before were our pictures from our first apartment... this makes it look like we haven't done anything in the last year and a half except for maybe move between homes. BUT, I assure you, that is false. This is an awesome apartment where we feel cozy, and at home. Most importantly, we are provided for by the Great I Am, and we are Thankful for that!

First Annual Fab Five Reunion--Norman, OK


In May, I am taking five of the seven students in my Eighth Grade class to Montana. We'll be on the Crow Reservation, serving with a local pastor and his church. I look forward to the joy that will come from seeing the Lord in a new light. It is incredible to imagine our thinking of our lives here in Littleton being so important to us when we see the needs of those in other community. I am anxious to share my love for God's Children all throughout his Kingdom with my students. This is the team. Please pray for us as we embark on this new adventure for Hope Christian. This is the first missions trip for almost everyone on the team.

A New Thing

So, as I have been following more blogs, I decided to start one for our family. This will be trial and error, to see if I actually keep up with it, or not. I would like to. I love the idea of keeping our family and friends updated with the goings-on in our life. As we all know, I use facebook way more than necessary... We'll see if this begins to take some precedent over that or not.