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Deeply Rooted | Encouraging Christian Moms + Wives

I'm excited! I just stumbled across this really great, pretty (and I mean very lovely) and uplifting magazine & website:
Excerpt from their website: Our goal is to be more than just a magazine. We desire to be a ministry. We are in the process of applying for non-profit status so that all donations can become tax deductible and so that we can get “Deeply Rooted Magazine” on the screens and in the hands of as many women as possible. In addition to the magazine, we envision someday hosting conferences and webinars. We are not sure where God will take this ministry but we have high hopes for what He would have it become.
Check out the website for a giveaway that is going on, too. The original post says thru 11/27, but they extended it through 12/1/2013!  It's a dashing set of postcards that are hand-lettered. They are beautiful! 

Jesse | Two Months Old

WOW! We have a nearly two month old in the house! J-Bob just had his two-month check up at the doctor this morning, and got his first shots. He did a good job, only a few tears and a quick recovery.

He is over 13 lbs, and that is "gifted" in the weight department, as Doctor put it :) for boys his age. He has a large head (Cody always has, too), and is right in line or barely above average for his height. What a champ!

THANK YOU GOD for a healthy, happy, baby boy! We Love Jesse!

He has started smiling a lot! His favorite person is mama, with dad as his second favorite. It's all because of the provisions I have that Tim doesn't... because he reaaaaaallly likes Tim! He follows Tim around with his eyes, and even turns his head to find him. Cody has a better understanding of Jesse's little body compared to his great big one, and has lessened the amount of jumps and pushes he gives his little brother... BUT there are still a lot of moments I find myself flying across t…

Super Why! | days of toddlerhood

Cody has his first hero: Wyatt, who turns into Super Why, from the PBS Kids show, "Super Why!" 
It is funny to ask him who he is or what he is doing now because he wants to be someone else! How fun, this new stage of childhood, where he is doing imaginative play! He flys around with his arms spread and says he super flies. Everything seems to be super-something. We read a super-book yesterday, and today he was taking a super-jump from the bench. Now, let's hope he is taking a super-nap ;)
While in the store, we passed a new milestone: picking out his own cereal. We were strolling through the cereal aisle--he was in the cart--like any other time, and all of a sudden he pointed at the Alpha-bits box and said, "ta-ah super why soodoo, mommy." (Which translates closely to Cody's Super Why cereal, mommy) SAY WHAT?! Our son can identify characters and ask for his own cereal now? Oh no. We did not just go there. But yet, we did. I said, "No, Codeman, we aren…
Everything is awesome! I just saw this trailer from a post my mom shared on facebook. I had never heard of this movie coming out, so I'm obviously not an obsessed fan or anything. But, this looks pretty funny and decent, too! Tim and I like to watch Parks and Recreation (an NBC show), and Chris Pratt is in that. And, I love Will Arnett's voice, so having them will be great! Also starring Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and Will Ferrell, so  there are some pretty big names (voices) here. Can't wait :)

Update on (not) naptime | trials of toddlerhood

Well, two naps in a row, and one of them without much of a battle.               
He got a little more excited about bedtime tonight when I reminded him that we could eat breakfast in the morning after he slept. So now, here's to hoping he does ok tomorrow. It will be a longer day at church. We have to go early for music practice, and then there is a pot-blessing afterward. 
Wish us well! That means naptime will be late. :(

(not) Naptime | trials of toddlerhood

Oct 24:
Well, today is day 6 or 7 of Cody not sleeping during his naptime. This has been challenging for me and for him. He is becoming more and more independent, but still can't grasp boundaries.

It's the whole idea that if he can't see me, I can't see him. Or hear him.
He sneaks off with things he knows he's not to have.
He runs away if I ask him to come here.
He throws things down when I tell him to pick them up.
He fake cries with fake injuries, just for (negative) attention.

We changed his crib into a toddler bed Sunday night because he kept climbing and leaping out of his crib... dangers & broken bones were just calling his name, my fears were lurking. So, now he doesn't even have a physical boundary to contain himself. And, like I said already, he doesn't understand that he has crossed a line.

Nov 1:
Cody cried and screamed twice last night and three times the night before. He was almost not even awake. When Tim or I went in there, and laid him d…

One Month Old | kastenbaby 2013 Jesse

a couple more photos here at my Amy Kate Photography blog :