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Cody Dancing for First Time, haha!

Cody on the going-home-from-hospital day

some faces Cody's been making

Dad is a Grandpa!

Cody Alton

After just a few hours in the hospital, Cody Alton was born on Sunday morning at 3:20. He is PERFECT, and a wonderful blessing to Tim and I. We can't keep our attention off of him! WE LOVE CODY.

Who is Kastenbaby!?

Tim and I would love to just take your guesses as to who is thinking what about our little babe. Our baby will never have to know if you were wrong ;) Maybe we'll award the winner with something special!!!

Please leave your answer in the blog's comments section below.

1. Boy or Girl
2. Weight
3. Height
4. Arrival Date
5. any other details (Joe is "guessing" it will be Strawberry Blonde/Orange like their cat Tabasco...haha!)

39 Weeks...

Baby's estimated due date is fast-approaching... Tim's and my anticipation is already here. We are SO excited to meet this baby, and introduce him or her to you, to this world!!! We want to know if we're going to have a boy or a girl. Our names are settled: Boy has a first and middle name, and Girl has a first and middle name. NOW we just want to know which is in my belly.

I'll be taking official votes to guess on boy/girl, height and weight, and arrival days or times if you'd like to participate... Watch soon for that poll!

Tim and I both have our hospital bags packed. I bought some snacks at Target the other day, and now we're just sitting around, being as attentive as possible. I'm tired and achy in my lower back and lower front more each day, but still very mobile and feeling generally well. 

My check up on Thursday went great! Dr. Peters was glad to see that I've progressed. Dilated to 3cm, about 60% effaced (cervix thinning out), and baby has dro…

IMax with Grandpa Bob

The Best


... is the man I love. Isn't he simply the best? 
I enjoy the moments we've been stealing away together lately. Moments we're going to remember as the "good ol' days"  before we had anyone else to care for. Moments we'll look back on as just memories. Moments we'll probably just laugh about:  living in a little apartment with Maggie, working silly jobs and just living life only the two of us.
Yes, we're stealing away moments now, so that we can remember them later.
PLUS--who doesn't need a funny husband to remind them that life is great.  Even when you're brushing your teeth.
Happy Day to you!

p.s. he actually gave me permission to put this picture on the blog :) Another reason he's the best.

We're officially accepted to CIM!

Good news! We are accepted to the Center for Indian Ministries at Oak Hills in Bemidji. We can't wait to share more with you about what being Full-Time (missionaries) Staff for CIM and Mokahum will look like for the Kastenbees... Thank you all for your prayers in this process so far. We are now raising prayer support for the coming months of decisions and seeking God's will for our lives in ministry with Native Americans in Northern Minnesota. Please join us in going to our KING in petition for His Will to be made  clear for us as far as raising support, buying a home, working at Mokahum, finding a local native church...etc, go.

We signed our lease here in Littleton (yes--we'll eventually have a ten month old baby sharing our one-bedroom apartment with us--and Maggie!) through the end of June 2012, and will move to the Bemidji area the second half of next June.

Progress, people. We are making progress! Praise God.

38 Weeks along...

On Thursday morning I had my routine Dr. appointment... which are now weekly! Dr. Peters listened to baby (heart rate of 120ish) and said he or she is sounding perfectly great! I have started to dilate and thin--I was at 2cm on Thursday, with a weight gain of 32 pounds, still healthy blood pressure. Dr. Peters was so happy to see my progression, she commented that she'd be surprised if I make it to the 12th, and very likely not going to be overdue. This makes Tim and I SUPER antsy pants. We just want to meet this baby; hold him, cuddle her, sing lullabies, and feed baby. We want to name him or her. We just want to meet this baby! How your baby's growing: (from baby has really plumped up. She weighs about 6.8 pounds and she's over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek). She has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.
Wondering what color yo…