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wait, he's only 7 weeks

...but he just seems to be growing up so fast!

Happy Anniversary! It has been 3 WONDERFUL years!

Tim and I are SO grateful that we have been blessed with a beautiful life. We are strong and healthy. We have a fun dog, and great son. We have a home, cars, free time, jobs, food, good health, and a happy, healthy, joy-filled marriage! Our life has definitely changed since Cody came into it, but we love it still. As different as things are for us now, we are still able to find time together--albeit too short most days-- to love on one another, and share our thankfulness to GOD for giving us each other.

Last week, on the 21st, we celebrated our three year wedding annivesary! WOW. AWESOME. WOOHOO. That evening, we had a delicious steak dinner at home, and just caught up on life. We talked and laughed and played with Cody. It was so nice! Then, on Saturday, the whole family: Me, Tim, Codeman, and Maggie hopped in the "band" (the van) and went to Vail. We found a sweet park that is dog-friendly for no-leash. It was the perfect weather day. Sunny, colorful, and FALLish. Th…

Sink Bath

Sorry I say really dorky things while I record... I guess I clam up and just get dumb :) Anyway--this was Cody in the bath right before he pooped all over in the water! Typical son of Tim's, right? hahahaha

Bad Dog

After too many rebellions, we had to bring up the kennel for Maggie to be in whenever we leave the house...  poor girl. But, she deserves it after being so bad.

Goooooo. (Cody Coos and Smiles at 6 weeks old).

Tim and Cody on a Sunday afternoon :)

"While He Was Sleeping"

Cody Alton at One Month Old

we know it is true right now

This is what we did today

It is great being a stay-at-home-mom for one more week!

Belly to Baby: the Weeks at a Glance

a special thanks to my sweet and patient husband: Thank You for taking all of these pics... even when I was being random, ridiculous, emotional, cranky, hyper, hungry... or what have you. I love you!

Good Morning, Handsome.

Hello Everyone.
I am the most handsome boy in the kastenbee house!


Adventures of the Kastenbaby

It has been a while since I've written anything... I guess I was welcomed into the life of having a newborn in the house :) Well, I thought I would share with you how our life has been transformed over the last month. Things have been so different around here since August 7th when we brought Cody into the world.

We spent two nights in the hospital before Tim and I drove (the most cautiously we've ever driven) home with the babe. Maggie had been staying with Uncle Jon for the days, and came to join us later in the afternoon. What a welcome sight our own bed was. WOW. we appreciated everything the hospital was able to offer us help-wise with the Codeman, but we appreciate having our own space back even more. We had family and friends visiting us intermittently from the day we came home until this past weekend. Moms, dads, friends, sisters, brothers... lots of people in Cody's life to love him to near-death :) But, lots of hands to hold him and help out, too! It has been …

Happy One Month!