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Our Littlest Man: JRK

I was just reading my friend Lisa's blog; Hi Lisa! She posted a birth announcement of their second son, Ezra. He's just about two weeks old now. Awwwwwwwww, Congratulations to them on such a cutie! Anyway, she posted his name and the meanings of them. It reminded me that I've had quite a few questions like, "why did you chose Jesse?" "How did you decide on his name?" "What's his middle name?" ...and more. So, I thought I would also share with you about Jesse's name. Hey, why not? Jesse: God's Gift; Jehovah Exists (Hebrew) We chose Jesse as his first name because it was a name that we have both liked consistently for a long time. Since we were choosing Cody's name, we've both kept Jesse on the list.The meaning of his name is also special; A Gift. How true! And, Jehovah Exists; what a sincere testament in our life. AMEN!
Robert: Bright Frame (German)We chose Robert as his middle name because it sounds great with Jesse ;) AND …

Green Smoothie Mustache

This morning, Cody had quite the mustache from his smoothie! Yikes!
But he looks as cute as ever in his new H&M denim shirt. 😊

I'm obsessed.

Okay, it's official. I am so in love with our kids that I have become obsessed. I just can't get enough of being a mom. I love it! I praise The Lord for his giving me the endurance and the strength to get through each day with joy! 
Cody is my best little adventurer and curious friend. And Jesse is my best little snuggle man. They both bring me so much joy! 
To be clear, Tim is still my best friend and adventurer and cuddle man. Quality time is my most felt love language, after all-- and I get that with all three of my guys... In different ways! 

Jesse and Cody | the first three weeks with two boys

We are loooooving having two boys at home. It gets hard to keep Cody away from Jesse sometimes, but we know he just loves his little bro so much that he literally can't resist him. It's as if it is Cody's only sense of control or something, so that's how he acts out, by kissing and hugging and helping with Jesse. Granted, the love is way tooooo much, but we are dealing with it. 
Jesse is a champion newbie. He sleeps, eats and poops. Just two or three days ago did he really start staying awake for bigger spurts in the day and sleeping more at night! Hooray for Jesse! 
Cody passed a new milestone too: he's discovered "i done nap" and climbing out of his pack and play. Pray that he doesn't figure out the crib yet: I'm not ready for a bed-bed yet. He likes to use the toilet in his little seat but still hasn't started official potty training. 
Update: he can climb out of his crib now. Easily. 

It's been a good 3 weeks!  God is good.

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