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kastenbaby 2013 | week 18

Yes, there is still snow and wind here.
Yes, it IS April.
Yes, we are tired of the work it's taking to maintain the driveway and road around here. (mostly Tim does that!)
YES, please send sun!!!

No, we're not finding out the gender.
No, I don't eat as much ice cream anymore.
No, I don't want to read another Thomas the Train book ever again. ever. but I will.

I have my 18 week regular prenatal visit tomorrow with Dr. Armstrong :)

You are welcome to come and shovel mud around in the driveway.
You are also welcome to come and wash dishes or laundry whenever you want.

kastenbaby 2013 | week 17

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think | realbeautysketches DOVE

"Women are their own worst beauty critics.
Only 4% of the women around the WORLD consider themselves beautiful."
I've seen other Dove Beauty Campaign videos and projects before. This is my favorite, by far. 

See the whole project at

You are more beautiful than you think

Kastenbaby 2013 | Week 16

Kastenbaby 2013 | 15 Weeks

Kastenbaby 2013 | 14 Weeks