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Cody praying | motherhood

Yesterday morning, I told Cody we could watch a movie. To start the day off right, and not just jumping into it, We had to read the bible first and then I said we should pray. We did, and then he went to the   bathroom and we watched Pooh. 
This morning, we read his little Jesus Storybook  bible right away when he awoke. Then we had breakfast and he played a bit. All of a sudden I saw him on the couch, praying with his tiny hands folded and his eyebrows furrowed "Thank you a mommy, daddy, tody, Jesse... Aaaaaay-Men!"  

"Mommy, can I watch a little movie?"  

In the couch | motherhood

You know how moms, well, almost all women, have that secret power of finding things gone missing. No matter how awry things go, Tim knows he can ask where is...? and I am going to find it swifter than he. :) well this morning I was scrounging around, thinking "WHERE HAVE ALL THE NUKS GONE?" I've been using only one of about five pacifiers for Jesse the last week or so. It's not the best. I really like having a wee stash of them for the moments that I'm (he's) in a panic grimace or upheaval of tears. So, I decided- that's it. I have no more ideas f where the extra NUKS are. Then, I remembered : The Couch!!! I lifted out each cushion, collected the things I found, and left all the dust, crumbs, and hair. 
I found two NUKS! 
It wasn't really my super powers kicking in this time, but I still have hope. I'll find the rest!

Missing Cody | Trials of Toddlerhood

Cody's on his second-ever weekend away, in Milaca with the grandparents... this is so sweet. He has been talking about it all week. He had the plan down: how grandma Becky was going to come to our "home" and sleep here while "mommy goes to her "pointment in 'midji" and gramma would stay home. Then she'd take him to Milaca where he'd sleep at Grandma Shuzy and grandpa Mike's home in "Ma-aca" in his own bed. I've been preparing for it for a while yet it still is hard to deal with the quiet. We miss that kid.  :) Here are some pictures because I've got my mind on him.