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kastenbaby 2013 | week 31

Tall Ships 2013 | Duluth; Fitger's Inn

kastenbaby 2013 | week 30

kastenbaby 2013 | 29 weeks

Beach Time 26th Birthday Fun at the State Park

Amy, her Dad and their dog Cody :)

Alicia just sent me this picture from about 24 years ago... Isn't it great? I love my dad!

Cody, 23 Months Old

We love this kid. He is such a blessing to us.
My favorite thing he says now : sandals. it's too cute.
"san-nahls" (with a twangy accent)

Kastenhouse 2013 | Kitchen Cabinets

As you all know, Tim has been working like the stellar carpenter he is, and totally putting himself into overdrive. He works SO stinking hard, and it is definitely paying off! We have just a week or so before we will have the bank over to start their appraisal process so that we can move on from this construction (loan) zone in a few more weeks. This time crunch has made our already crazy-busy summer a real treat! But I will say that Tim is doing a really fabulous job on his work. We Thank God that he is able to have these skills necessary to finish up this house beautifully.

Check out the progress:
So, all that being said, Pray for TIM! He's going crazy!!!!

Time with Uncle Jordan and Aunt Joy: Cody loved them!!!

kastenbaby 2013 | week 28

kastenbaby 2013 | week 27