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I love me a good sleepover!

The days of being in fifth grade staying up way too late while watching movies and eating junk food were alive and well this weekend! We had our Second Annual Fab Five Reunion since graduating together from CCU :) My girlfriends Kelsey, Melissa, and Kristen flew in from Des Moines, Piitsburgh, and Oklahoma City, respectively, while Kaitlyn drove up from Colorado Springs. After picking everyone up from their flights, we all headed out to the snowy mountains in the dark.

Driving up to our destination--a glamorous mansion of a cabin--up in Frisco, we chatted about the basics, the nitty-gritty, and the gooey. It was like middle school all over again, but with a greater knowledge of our Lord's Goodness and Might. By time we arrived and unpacked, we slipped into our comfy clothes and chewed gummy worms while each of us talked over the others trying to voice-in. Boy, when you get five girls together only once year, it doesn't matter how much you've "caught up" on the p…

Merry Christmas Snowshoe Day!

Before snowshoeing on Christmas Day, Tim and I both had Christmas Eve off, at home... We celebrated with appetizers all day long! We had some sparkling cider and lil' smokies, delicious veggies and dip, chips and Jerri's queso dip, luscious hot chocolate, pizza rolls and gooey mozzarella sticks, all the works! 

Tim helped me bake peanut butter blossoms (with mini kisses) and we marveled over the day. It was fun to attend the Christmas Eve service at Southern Gables for the first time, and see our church family that night!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the second decade of the 21st Century! Or, did that start with 2010? Well, either way, I hope you are off to a good start to the new year that we have entered... The wildlife calendars are up on the wall, but I haven't copied the new agenda, or even the birthdays onto it yet. Strangely enough, that is something I really enjoy doing... The birthdays onto the new calendar, I mean. But seriously, I desperately want a perpetual birthday calendar! If you have any tips in finding a cute, neutralish one(you know, not tweety bird, circus colors, or the Office all over it) PLEASE share your source with me. It feels like I've looked everywhere.

To start my week off at work (after a week at home with Mags and Tim for a couple days) Tonka, the D's dog, greeted me with her non-stop barking, and she had a diaper on. So, I ask, and yes, this is a new part of my job... Diapering and undiapering the dog... If you've never done this, it is weird, and slightly gross, but real…