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kastenbaby 2013 | week 23

kastenbaby 2013 | week 22

22 week ultrasound

Hi! We had an ultrasound today and baby is 22weeks old. Everything appeared normal and healthy. We are blessed beyond imagine to have this child growing into our little family!

Praise God with us as we rejoice!

Favorite image from Easter this spring

This was my favorite of all the pictures I took at Easter this year.

Cody was scoping out Grandma and Grandpa Bergstrom's house on his first-ever Easter Egg Hunt. It was so fun watching him collect the eggs from (very visible) hiding places and put them in a row or collection on the table. Then, when he discovered there was a jelly bean in each one, the excitement sky-rocketed.

Here's that picture of him seeking some eggs :)

kastenbaby 2013 | week 21

Lip Sync-off with John Krasinski


Kastenbaby 2013 | 20 Weeks

Kastenbaby 2013 | week 19

Kastenbaby 2013

What!? I am NOT READY to be halfway through this pregnancy already! I mean, I am terribly excited to meet this baby, but I feel like I have hardly had time to just enjoy this life in me. They've been moving for a few weeks now, and I love the bumps and jabs I feel ever so slightly. I don't think I have the same shape or carry as I did with Cody. What does that mean? Boy again? Girl?? We won't know until September :)

Kitchen: Pantry progress

Tim just started our pantry tonight!
He took down on upper cabinet and framed in one of the two walls. Yay!

Quick Update | Center for Indian Ministries

Happy Spring! The snow is finally gone, and new life is popping up all around us! With that, we are reminded of God's faithfulness to our family as we strive to serve Him with all that we are and have. May 11th is Graduation for Mokahum Ministry Center. There are three students--Nikki, Janine, and DeWayne--who completed their first year, and will be receiving their Discipleship Certificates. Chris, Rebecca, and Brian have completed their third year and will receive their Ministry Certificates.  Ashley has one year left in her Ministry program. Pray for the students to seek and follow the Lord's will for the ministry and service they'll go on to do after they leave, or those that will be at Mokahum again. Please continue to lift us up in prayer these first weeks of summer at Mokahum while Tim prepares to facilitate the missions teams and their projects on campus these busy months.

Love in Christ,
The Kastenbauers