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Memorial Weekend Camping Trip to Hayden, CO

Last weekend, we went camping at the Yampa River State Park west of Steamboat Springs, near Hayden, CO.  It was a great drive, and fine time camping. We were overwhelmed by the wind, and heat at some points, but among cold, some rain, some pellet snow, and some eagles...  We had a great time!

The Gang:
Tim, Amy, Cody & MaggieJon, Gretchen & Cooper Jordan & JoyVince, Joia & Murdock (h?)
The Sites:
Tim, Cody, Maggie and I stayed in our big Cabela's Elk Hunting tent, the Bighorn III. It was huge, and great. We had an electric heater for warmth since it got down to the 30s at night... Cody slept in a pack and play and Tim and I each used our cots for the first time. Super Luxurious!!!Jon, Gretch, Cooper, Jordan & Joy stayed in Jon's pop-up tent camper... which is always a dream.Vince and Joia (with Murdock on top of Joia) slept in the back of their super sweet souped up old Blazer.  The Food:
we had some the staples: Cool Ranch Doritos, Twizzlers, Dr. Pepper, and…

Friends from CCU hangout day!

A couple weeks ago my friends and I got together to hangout as "roomies" and friends one last time before our family moves. It was a fun couple of hours to chat, catch up, laugh, and listen. I forgot I brought my camera along until after Sara left, though. Such a bummer that she missed the pictures :(

Little Cody Alton is NINE months old

On May Seventh, Cody Alton Kastenbauer turned the mark into a big kid. He is now Nine months old. He weighed into the 45% or something like that for weight at like 18 1/2 pounds. He's about 50th percentile for his height at 26 inches. He is fully prepared with a large head circumfrence putting him in the 70th %.   :) He's SO healthy, and developmentally right on a healthy track!
He's been in the big-kid nursery for a few weeks now.He likes to eat so many of the same things we do. Pretty much just not milk, honey, nuts or meat yet.He has his own Nalgene water bottle.

He only takes his Zantac once a day now (instead of twice daily) so his Acid Reflux is improving.He gets SO glad to see Tim. He loves his dadadadada. He squirms out of my arms with a huge grin to meet Tim at the door. He wriggles off your lap and crawls to the floor on his own. He doesn't eat in the night, just an early morning feed. He is learning to drop food on our dog's head. We don't encourage t…