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Little Cody Alton is NINE months old

On May Seventh, Cody Alton Kastenbauer turned the mark into a big kid. He is now Nine months old. He weighed into the 45% or something like that for weight at like 18 1/2 pounds. He's about 50th percentile for his height at 26 inches. He is fully prepared with a large head circumfrence putting him in the 70th %.   :) He's SO healthy, and developmentally right on a healthy track!
  • He's been in the big-kid nursery for a few weeks now.
  • He likes to eat so many of the same things we do. Pretty much just not milk, honey, nuts or meat yet.
  • He has his own Nalgene water bottle.

the magic
  • He only takes his Zantac once a day now (instead of twice daily) so his Acid Reflux is improving.
  • He gets SO glad to see Tim. He loves his dadadadada. He squirms out of my arms with a huge grin to meet Tim at the door.
  • He wriggles off your lap and crawls to the floor on his own. 
  • He doesn't eat in the night, just an early morning feed. 
  • He is learning to drop food on our dog's head. We don't encourage this.
  • He LOVES toilet paper. He races you to the bathroom and you can hear him puffing through his crawling because he wants to get there so fast. He just likes to unroll it and unroll it, and unroll it. then eats little bits.
  • He likes the trash cans.
  • He pulls cords out of electrical sockets. 
  • He enjoys sitting up in his carseat defiantly so that you cannot buckle him up, although he doesn't mind the carseat. 
  • He  appreciates the words Ddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu, Ma!, Da!!, and baaouw.
  • He pounds things very forcefully
  • He is a super strong guy. He can lift seemingly everything. and throw it in his lap. 
  • He likes to play with a ball, stacker cups, and anything that is shiny (princess crowns, magic wands, sequined shoes and flip flops, umbrellas, toilet paper racks, phones, ipads, ipods, computers...)
  • He loves finley and selby so much. He just follows them everywhere and lets them play whatever with him.
  • He is tough. He gets dragged around, pushed over, toys stolen from him, and all the other sibling things from the girls and their friends. 
  • He is funny. flat out. 
  • He crawls like a speedster, and cruises along anything he can reach.
  • He eats babyfood two to three times a day, and nurses every three to five hours during the day (approximately 6am, 10, 1pm, 4, 7)
  • He still sleeps in the crib a couple feet away from me in our bedroom, and I usually have to help him back to sleep once in the night if he wakes up startled. He goes to sleep on his own, but wakes up once or more. I give him back his nuk, sing to him, and maybe turn on his Seahorse/light up/music thing. Then he's okay until morning. 
  • Tim LOVES HIM.
  • He is a wonderful little man.
    He's the best son we've ever had :)                                              the end.
He finger painted for his Grandmas on Mother's Day

He is a lint-picker, finding everything he can on the ground

He claps!


The Adamack's said…
Tell him to stop growing up!!!! I want him to stay cute adorable baby man forever. Although he's always going to be the cutest thing ever, no matter what his age :) I am so proud of all he is doing and how awesome of parents you and Timothy are!!!
TA Kastenbauer said…
I tell him everyday! And everyday, he sasses back to me: "mama, I only want to keep growing up, keep getting crazier, and be more like my dad." he has a little bit of spunk rolled up in those layers of his!

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