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the one where i love being a mama

Happy Mother's Day! God has given us this beautiful gift of life through our parents. Our mothers have given up so much of their time, and devoted their hearts to raising us as children in the name of the LORD. They have raised us to know HIM and live for HIM. They have given us life on earth through peaceful hugs, comforting wisdom, funny nags, and protecting advice. 

In honor of Mother's Day, I would like to share some words of wisdom from a mom I know:
Cody's Great-Grandma Swedin with her grandson and great-grandsons

"Drive Safely! You don't need to race anybody. Just take your time driving."
Tim's Step-mom Marie with all the grandkids at Christmas 2011

"Watch out for deer and just be careful"

"You need to just treat yourself and go get a massage. Just treat yourself."

"Did you take anything yet? Sometimes I just need to throw up and take some tylenol. It's not going to hurt anything."
"Just tell them you're tired and go in the other room and go to sleep... You don't need to stay up all night with your friends. You'll still be there to play in the morning."

Great Grandma Marie
"Have you eaten anything yet today? 
Make sure you're eating!"

"Mhhmmmm... Yep yep yep yep... Just say, (fill in the blank with word-specific and necessary advice) and they'll understand." 

"Just send them an email."

Grandma Suzy and Cody in November

"Don't slip on the ice."

Grandma Susan and Cody in August
"Have you called {so and so random connection to this person that you're not close with} lately? Just give them a quick call and say hi. They'll appreciate it."

"...oh, you know what I mean..."

Grandma Becky and Cody in August
"Hi, I was just calling (yes, I just answered my phone).  I'm in the car driving somewhere and I'll be there in two minutes. K, I'm there, talk to you later!"

*I also still get lots of kisses and hugs, and spanks on the butt. even  as an adult.

What are some of the things your mom's say??? 
I'd love to hear more motherly tips on life. Real, or Funny!

Mama's first time holding baby boy at the hospital!

Mama and the Codeman only a week old
Precious little man a week old!

Mother and Son, a week and a half old

Cody two weeks old


First one that comes to mind is..."Do you have plenty of gas?" This is as I'm getting in my car (at 49 years of age) after a long MN goodbye. Smarty pants me replies, "Yes, Mom!' or "Nope, I can always hitchhike."...depends on my mood and if I'm looking for a reaction. If my reply is the latter, my mom says, "grrrrr, you kids!" and shakes her index finger at me. Funny...sometimes I'm tempted to ask the same thing of my kids!?! Smile.

"Call me when you get home."

Mom reminded me many times as a young mother to rest when I could, and don't try to do too much.

She always loved to go camping, even though our little Shasta wasn't much bigger than a bathroom, and it was a TON of work for her to pack for 11 people! I think she wanted to get out the house, but what a CRAZY way to do it! I have great memories of camping. I love that my family did that when we were growing up, and now I have great memories of our own camping adventures raising our kids. Camping...pass it on!!

One tip: write down the things Cody and your future kids say and do, because unfortunately you won't remember it all. And, it's really sweet to go back years later and read their life.

Amy, you are a wonderful mother.

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