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Moms of Boys | The Trials of Parenting, being a mama to rapscallions

Busy brothers keep me crazy. 
Well, like the title says, being a parent is trying. It's so hard! Parenting kids, especially boys, especially especially brothers two years apart, is so very hard. I'm looking at them with misty eyes when I see them playing. They're misty because I'm in the midst of loving every moment, soaking it all in, and just nearly bursting into a fit. These boys. They're what I've always dreamed of having. They're how I always pictured mothering boys would be. They're creative. They're fun. They're active. They're busy. They're interesting. They're interested in our family. They're cool. But they're also really tough to maneuver. Code is 5, and he is the classic first-born servant, leader, helper, eager learner. J-Bob is 3, and the true rapscallion.
rap·scal·lion rapˈskalyən/noun
archaichumorous  plural noun: rapscallionsa mischievous person.)Tim and I have wondered preeeetty much every day: how did he man…