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Moms of Boys | The Trials of Parenting, being a mama to rapscallions

Busy brothers keep me crazy. 

Well, like the title says, being a parent is trying. It's so hard! Parenting kids, especially boys, especially especially brothers two years apart, is so very hard. I'm looking at them with misty eyes when I see them playing. They're misty because I'm in the midst of loving every moment, soaking it all in, and just nearly bursting into a fit. These boys. They're what I've always dreamed of having. They're how I always pictured mothering boys would be. They're creative. They're fun. They're active. They're busy. They're interesting. They're interested in our family. They're cool. But they're also really tough to maneuver. Code is 5, and he is the classic first-born servant, leader, helper, eager learner. J-Bob is 3, and the true rapscallion.
rap·scal·lion rapˈskalyən/
 plural noun: rapscallionsa mischievous person.)
Tim and I have wondered preeeetty much every day: how did he manage that. How did he maneuver over there? Where did he get those!?  When will he listen? Where is he going? How are we going to get through to him?  Why didn't he do this? Does he have eyes? Does he have ears? Does he have hands? Does he have feet? Does he have a nose? Why, oh why didn't he _________? The list goes on. and on. 

So, I'm writing really to vent a little, and mostly to remind myself how much I love them so so so so so so very much. Being a mom is truly a special gift, and I'm honored with the great responsibility of it all- of them all. And I'm also struggling. It isn't easy, and I've heard over and over. The reason being a parent is so hard is that you're a good parent. I think there is validity to that. It's hard because we are trying to do right by them. It's hard because we want the best for the kids and for our family. It's hard because we're raising them with value, morality, world view, and intelligence. It won't get any easier as they get older and the questions and challenging attitudes get deeper. However, the hopeful in me aspires to it being a little easier on the strains of every day. On the energy and stressful encounters throughout the days. Maybe there will be less wrestle-scream-leap-stabs, and more hurt feelings. Maybe there will be less poop. Maybe there will be a few less things strewn about in every single direction in the house, yard, van, garage. Maybe there will be a few less battles over who gets to lean on my right shoulder while we read, or who gets to get the mail. There might even be less triumph over stealing frozen yogurts or graham crackers when I'm expecting they're doing otherwise.  There will be more drama, but the drama might concern deeper things than toilets, brushing their teeth, and poop. Again- there might be less for me to deal with when it comes to poop. Or the screeching. That will change. Someday

Hey, all the moms we know have been there. Been here. I'm certain that it looks different with girls, with boys, with sisters, with brothers... but it's all difficult in their own ways.

AND, the biggest blessing of all? Jesus.

I have my eyes on eternity. I am a sinner saved by the Grace of GOD. And, in that, I have hope that I will spend eternity worshiping my Master and Lord, the FATHER who is above all things. I have hope in the eternal; in it being a lasting, and forever-loving grace. 

That's where my mind is at in-between "quiet time" and working on newsletters, flyers and lots of photography. I needed a quick release of my thoughts, and I'm thankful for this space to write it out. 

Gloria Furman

Gloria Furman, one of my favorite and heart-treasured authors, has a great post pointing to the "10 Things you Should Know About Motherhood,"

There's a lot we could say about motherhood, and several things might come to your mind in the sub-category of things you "should know." One thing you should know is that it is unwise to keep the diaper rash cream tube next to your toothpaste tube. Not that I know anything about putting diaper rash cream on a toothbrush by accident, but I'm just saying you might want to find another place for it.

Besides that pearl of wisdom, there are ten things you should know about motherhood that will shape the way you see yourself, your kids, and the world around you. Give it a read over here at the Crossway blog.
Here are the main points (minus the paragraphs of explanation):
  1. Motherhood is evidence of God's mercy.
  2. Motherhood is a gift even when your feelings disagree.
  3. "Mother" is a verb.
  4. Motherhood is more than you can handle.
  5. Motherhood is not a loss.
  6. Motherhood gives glory to Jesus that echoes in eternity.
  7. Motherhood is missional.
  8. Motherhood flies in the face of fear.
  9. Motherhood reminds us of our need for grace.
  10. Motherhood is about a man-- Jesus.

--Love, Amy


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