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July at Mokahum

We have been here since the last week in June, just over a month now.
Whew. It feels good to say it, we're HOME! HOME HOME HOME!

We feel settled, unpacked, "organized," and fully serviced with internet :)
I've been extremely inpatient and feeling so disconnected from everyone and everything without having internet at our house. We were able to use it when we went places with wireless, but it just isn't the same. Thankfully, we now have it at home!

So, now I have no excuse not to keep you all updated with our goings-on around Bemidji, Cass Lake, and out here at our little Ose Lake house!

I'll share more pictures and info about what's been going on at Mokahum on another day, another post, but I just want you to know how GREAT God is. He has provided for Mokahum several short term missions teams from all over the US to do service projects around the campus, getting it ready for the school year to start!! The first day of school is Sept 4th I think, …

Working at Mokahum, a quick update

CIM news--Today, Tim's working with a small team on yard clean up at Mokahum. There is a group here from Minneapolis, consisting of a family with 4 kids + one on the way, a couple adults, and some youth kids. Praise God for the service they are providing for CIM!

It smells like a fresh fire because they're burning the giant piles of brush that they are hauling from all parts of Mokahum's campus over to the fire pit... Tim, Corey St. Peter (CIM Staff), and Jonathon McDonald (CIM Staff) and Zane Williams (CIM Director) are all helping out today, working on whatever needs to be done.Chainsaws, Rakes, Wheel Barrows... lots of outdoor activity going on.

LOCAL news--Bemidji has been cleaning up everyday since the big storm that rolled through last week, but there is still so much to see in terms of disaster! Every time we go to town I am amazed at the catastrophe. It was SO devastating to the community to have so many trees down everywhere... it looks like tornadoes came throug…

Cabin Week Pictures of Family Time!