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Happy Halloween?

I am curious to see what you guys do for any fun family traditions or special events for the Fall? Right now is "Halloween season..." Do you carve pumpkins? Do you have a Western themed Family Fun Night at church? Does the holiday matter, or is it all about the Harvest time and remembering all the our Lord provides?

I would love to hear your thoughts... You know how much of a pushover I am for family and traditions... I LOVE them!

Camping with some RISK

A couple weekends ago, Tim and I join Jon in the mountains for some much needed (for me and my obsession of fall and the mountains) cool and crisp mountain camping in with the yellow aspens. We had a sweet and totally not illegal camp "site" along the creek (you're supposed to be at least 100 feet off the water and roads in National Forest of Colorado. Ooops? 

Well, this was just a great overnight, and next day camp trip. For Real. I was just soaking up and loving the whole thing.We hiked, and we played RISK, and we watched the little guy Cooper make a stink about the snow that fell and made his toes too cold, and painful to walk on the rocks, and we teased Maggie and made her super bored in the camper... It was fun. We sang praises for Mr. (little) Buddy the portable Gas heater Jon has. It got cold, but we had our Buddy!

F & S Ballerinas

Watch the girls as Fin calls Sel, her baby-sister-who-will-be-ONE-next-week, "Shweepy Pie" instead of Sweetie Pie. This is why I absolutely LOVE my job. It's the cutest job in Denver. For sure.
It was the sweetest I've ever seen for these two. They're totally at the stage(s) where Fin wants everything all to herself, and she doesn't need any help, and Sel needs to be doing exactly what the big sister is doing, and playing with the same thing at the same time, only because her sister has it. Sibling LOVE at its finest.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for reading this blog. I am a bit of a nerd, and I just appreciate that you read about our life... this crazy life of the Kastenbees. Seriously, I know blogging is supposed to be like journaling or something to help the author be real and allowing authenticity to flow freely from the keyboard... So, it's okay that I am sappy and appreciate you just for following, right? Please know how much I really wouldn't do this if I didn't live so far from my family, and weren't SO TERRIBLE at keeping in touch with you all. I'm bad. I know. But, that's why I am glad you can still keep up with my attempts at keeping up.

Well, Have a Good Day!

Love from Colorado,

the Kastenpup

Fox Lorenzo

We have a new baby cousin!

Congrats to Jason & Monica (my dad's brother) on a healthy little boy... Monica's sister took these pics, we haven't seen him yet. Tim and I can't wait to get down to Santa Fe and see this little monkey!

Life on the Front Range.

There are days that I wish I were someone different. Not because I don't want to be me, but because I so badly want to be the Pioneer Woman in Oklahoma, or a Janette Oke character, or like, Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think I am obsessed with nature, and living in it. Don't misunderstand me though... I LOVE nature, but I don't want to be a tree-hugging hippy. Maybe just a peaceful God-fearing nature girl. Really, who doesn't want to live on the prairie in Montana--Big Sky Country? Or, Isn't that every girl's dream to live in a log cabin on the plains of North Dakota? You know, Live on a ranch with her stud-of-a-husband cowboy who ropes wild mustangs, and brands cattle each year on a crisp, cool morning watching the sun rise over the mountains while sipping on a gigantic cup of tea? Well, I don't know... maybe that is just my dream. Somedays, like now, I pretend that's my life :) It is bliss.

 I'm a dreamer. Like my husband... what more can I say? We lov…

His Tabernacle

Tim and I recently joined a bible study/small group-gone large with mostly couples from our Sunday School class, III Strands. Currently, we're following the Old Testament "With All Your Heart" Ray Vander Laan study. So, last week, we went after Sinai, to the desert, where God called the Israelites to build him a tabernacle. This was really important to God. He gave them exact measurements, and a building plan. Even though they had a destination, God didn't allow the Israelites a quick journey. Instead, they spent a year in the desert, very close to the end of this "journey", wandering, building a tabernacle, and worshiping God in this new fashion: Coming into the space they created FOR HIM. After the whole Mount Sinai-trusting in God's faithfulness-shabang, these Israelites would have forgotten the experience of God's mighty power. So, this is partly why the Tabernacle was a tent for worship--they could move it along with them, and just build up the…