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F & S Ballerinas

Watch the girls as Fin calls Sel, her baby-sister-who-will-be-ONE-next-week, "Shweepy Pie" instead of Sweetie Pie. This is why I absolutely LOVE my job. It's the cutest job in Denver. For sure.
It was the sweetest I've ever seen for these two. They're totally at the stage(s) where Fin wants everything all to herself, and she doesn't need any help, and Sel needs to be doing exactly what the big sister is doing, and playing with the same thing at the same time, only because her sister has it. Sibling LOVE at its finest.


The Adamack's said…
This is absolutely adorable. Serious.
And that's coming from me (!)
I think they look like you and I did when we were little.
Darn tootin' cute.
I know, right? Sometimes they are too much alike with us... Fin (older) is tiny and petite, and in charge. Selby is like the little monster who has the cutest, but largest chunks of baby-kind, and yet they're still best friends (who hate each other getting in their own way).

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