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Myla Jubilee!

One of the Fab Five, Melissa, and her husband Steve, welcomed her baby girl into the world this morning....

I am one excited Fab 5 girl today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scandia Baby

Even thought this is a poor quality picture (a still shot from our video camera), I love the way it has mom, Ken, and Cody all smiling. Cody's had is crooked and cutely sticking out his ears!

This is looking from the kitchen to the dining area at Scandia House of Isle... the day the first residents moved in in December!  It is the sweetest thing, a little old couple that is still married after a lifetime of joys and tears, probably. They are renting out two rooms, connected in the middle with a door. So, one will be their sleeping/bedroom and the other will be their sitting room with windows overlooking the big yard with trees and everything. {Precious}

Mom and Ken opened up the house in Isle in December after gutting an existing home, and adding on a long hallway of bedrooms. And, the hallway is wide enough for wheel-chair races... GO GO GO! They also have Scandia House of Mora. Who knows, maybe they will have Scandia House of Bemidji, someday :) If you know them, you wouldn'…

At "Work"

Cody and I get the privilege of spending our days with Finley and Selby (who are three and a HALF, and two and a half, respectively) at their house. It is such a pleasure to watch the girls grow more responsible and endearing with Cody. Sometimes, too much. The little guy has to put up with some hassling and princessing, and some just tagging along. He gets too-entertained, and also taunted. He is even neglected sometimes... but the rest of the time, he is super overwhelmed with love and affection from Fin & Sel, it's ridiculous. The other day I took some pictures of all of them, just to document the days :)

Pictures of Cody


I just love Cody's overalls. They are so stinking cute. He has a pair for every size he grows in and out of. The last ones were denim, and these ones are like a big plaid, flannely-denim. Oshkosh B'Gosh. and CUTE!

Snowshoes, Sun, and the new Deuter Backpack!

Here are some photos from our fun in the sun snow day on Thursday! All at Meyer Ranch Open Space, down 285... We brought the sled, too, but didn't get it out. Typical :)

At Home

Our life has been so full of great things!
PRAISE GOD we got our newsletters, prayer cards/photo postcards, and CIM Commitment cards printed. We bought envelopes, and printed return and sending addresses on them right at home from our printer last weekend. Saturday was our envelope day! We printed on them, stuffed them, stamped them, and sent them. They went out in the mail Monday afternoon (thanks to Tim after work), and Kim already had theirs by Tuesday afternoon. That's fast mail... way to go, USPS! We sent out so many of them Monday, but had a few more that went out yesterday, and have yet a few more to go out soon. We are trusting in God's provision for our mission at CIM. We are asking that you pray with us continually about the ways God can use you in this mission to reach Native American Indians through discipleship training at Mokahum Ministry Center. Please please please let us know if you want to talk more about what is going on with CIM, our upcoming ministry in th…

Native American Religion

On Sunday, Tim taught in our AC/Sunday School class a lesson about Native American Religion.  We are in a World Religions segment for our 3 Strands class, which has been very interesting already! The weeks will cover Religious World Views/Religious Pluralism, Islam, Native American Religion, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism... each Sunday will be informative and eye-opening, I'm looking forward to them all!

Tim spent a few evenings through the last few weeks preparing quite intensely for this lesson, and it went great! Much of it was new information to us, but some of it was just a better clarification of something we knew of already. I definitely learned a lot, too! These things will be helpful for our life in Minnesota. We'll be able to better understand the background of Native people we meet, as well as the students (all natives) at Mokahum. Having a greater knowledge of Native American history and religion will help us see where the students are coming from and why …

When Cody was two days old!

Cody's loving his baths these days!

just for fun

Cody @ 6 Months Old

Just Chilling on a Saturday Morning :) At home with Mom and Dad... what could be better? Being dressed, perhaps. Oh Well, We love his squirmy little body!


We've been so busy lately, it seems like we're running on fumes some days. We have spent quite a few hours writing our first support letter and getting them printed. Now we have our prayer/picture cards, commitment cards, and newsletter FINALLY here and ready to be stuffed into envelopes and sent out to you all! BUT, we need to print all the addresses on the envelopes. That is our Saturday task. Thankfully, Jordan and Joy offered to help if we need it... Who knows, perhaps we'll have an envelope-stuffing/Parks & Rec watching party? Sounds like a fun Saturday night to me!

We went up to Vince & Joia's in Loveland to "watch the superbowl" which was fun. My favorite commercials included the Doritos ones (the baby launched to the tree house by grandma to grab the chips from the older kid, AND the dog/cat one! LOVED the dog one!) and the M&Ms naked dancing one!!! :) Super funny! I did enjoy the Cheetah chasing the man instead of the car it couldn't c…