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Native American Religion

On Sunday, Tim taught in our AC/Sunday School class a lesson about Native American Religion.  We are in a World Religions segment for our 3 Strands class, which has been very interesting already! The weeks will cover Religious World Views/Religious Pluralism, Islam, Native American Religion, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism... each Sunday will be informative and eye-opening, I'm looking forward to them all!

Tim spent a few evenings through the last few weeks preparing quite intensely for this lesson, and it went great! Much of it was new information to us, but some of it was just a better clarification of something we knew of already. I definitely learned a lot, too! These things will be helpful for our life in Minnesota. We'll be able to better understand the background of Native people we meet, as well as the students (all natives) at Mokahum. Having a greater knowledge of Native American history and religion will help us see where the students are coming from and why it is so hard for some of them to return to school after a weekend back home on the Rez, or a week off for break, or something. I know several of them would and do struggle with returning to Mokahum because it is so easy to get sucked back into the life at home.

Some of the things Tim talked about were terms and their meanings (like Shaman, Medicine Man, Sun Dances, Tent Pole Ceremonies...) Daimonizomai, and even the things like perspectives of Indians today.


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