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We've been so busy lately, it seems like we're running on fumes some days. We have spent quite a few hours writing our first support letter and getting them printed. Now we have our prayer/picture cards, commitment cards, and newsletter FINALLY here and ready to be stuffed into envelopes and sent out to you all! BUT, we need to print all the addresses on the envelopes. That is our Saturday task. Thankfully, Jordan and Joy offered to help if we need it... Who knows, perhaps we'll have an envelope-stuffing/Parks & Rec watching party? Sounds like a fun Saturday night to me!

We went up to Vince & Joia's in Loveland to "watch the superbowl" which was fun. My favorite commercials included the Doritos ones (the baby launched to the tree house by grandma to grab the chips from the older kid, AND the dog/cat one! LOVED the dog one!) and the M&Ms naked dancing one!!! :) Super funny! I did enjoy the Cheetah chasing the man instead of the car it couldn't compete with, but was a little overwhelmed with all the car ads in general. What was with the Chrysler one? Clint Eastwood or whoever, I can't even remember now? That was a weird one. I wasn't super impressed with the fact that Madonna was the halftime show, but ended up just being proud of her. She looks and sounds great for however old she is!

<3 Tim and I don't have plans yet for Valentine's Day, so we'll see if we come up with anything by Tuesday <3

We're getting excited to go to Chicago for Jordan & Rosa's wedding in March! Tim will be his Best Man, and I am photographing the day for them... I guess the grandparents will be Cody's babysitters for the weekend while we're busy. That will be Code's first flight, so I hope that goes well.

PS my dear friend Melissa asked last week, "Do you guys call him "Cod-man" like a fish? or Code-man?" Because sometimes you write it without an e..."

YES, we call him CODE man but I write it without the e because I like the way it looks, but I'm not particular. If you'd rather write it with an e, that's fine.  :)

PSS Melissa's having a precious baby in just 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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