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Cody is 4 months old

As I'm sure you can see, our past few months have just flown by! We can't believe that our little Codman is already four and a half months old. I just about cried the other day (not really: I'm not like that, I just like to exaggerate) at the Doctor. He had his 4-month Well Check, and Dr Emily was mentioning what we'd be talking about during that visit. She said we'd hit on his growth and development, talk about vaccines, and then talk about starting him on solids, like rice cereal. WHAT!?! I just gave birth to this kid, he's not ready for rice cereal!!! But, in reality, he's on the cusp of teething; we're thinking a top tooth may pop out in like a month, but he's been chewing on everything like a mad man for almost a month now. He weighed in at 14 lbs 6 ounces, and measured 25 inches long; so he's right on track, about average. His head circumference was 42cm I think, which put him above average... haha!

He hasn't had any ear infections, or bad anythings yet. He's up to date on his vaccines. He actually is into his flirty stage, so he smiled and cood at the nurses while they gave him his oral meds and a couple shots. But by the time his third and final shot, he was in small tears. He was quickly resolved, but it was so sad seeing his face scrunch up and see him staring right at me wondering, "mom! what are you doing!? stop them!" She checked out his development and saw that he's meeting the generic guidelines and milestones for kids at 4 months old. YAY! He showed off his abilities to grasp objects and his own hands, follow someone by sight and by sound, mimic or respond to conversation and expressions, hold his head in control, and do push ups. He's rolled over SUPER UNsmoothly a couple times each from his stomach to back and back to stomach, but he needs some super motivation to do it, so that didn't happen on the Dr table.

But, he is doing great. He's been waking up in the nights more often than not in the past month, but it is only to be quickly and quietly rocked back to sleep or maybe nursing him once. He is closer to a scheduled sleep pattern, and is much more predictable than he was even a month ago regarding eating and sleeping. I'd say he is easy to predict. We are so proud of him, and his ability to adapt to his surroundings and people in general. I'm glad he hasn't hit that extreme attachment to me phase yet, but I can tell when it does hit, it will be very difficult! He's definitely a mama's boy. But, that's natural, and I am with him all the time... it makes sense.

We've left him with Erica a couple times to babysit and that's gone well. And Joy once, which went fine, too (after he fell asleep, haha)but he had a TON of gas, so he was a bit fussy and cried enough. We joke that he doesn't like Joy, because he always seems to be struggling with one thing or another the times that she's with him. Gas, Acid Reflux, Lack of Sleep... you name it, and that's what she thinks he is like all the time. JOY, we really do have a good baby, he just doesn't like you :)

LOUD: Cody is super talkative, and extra loud. He talks when he is happy and mad. He grunts in his sleep. He moans when he's tired or eating. He screams whenever he wants to sleep but is awake. and he cries when he is hungry but has reflux and can't eat well. His voice just projects! Seeing this kid fall asleep when he's overtired wears you out for him. He's such a fighter!

ACTIVE: Cody is non-stop moving. Whether he's excited, mad, happy, or sad. Even in his sleep his fingers and toes are cruising. When he is awake and calm, often while eating, he taps his feet and toes like Grandma Vi used to all the time. It makes me think of her and her little swollen silky-slippered feet. When his reflux is bugging him--it hits him hard at night time--he really arches his neck and back... it's clearly causing a lot of discomfort!

LOVING: Cody chuckles, makes an "Aw-Geeyou" noise, and says hhhhhhhheeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhee when he is laughing. It sounds SUPER like his cry though, when he really gets into it. I honestly can't tell the difference without looking at his face. they are identical noises! He smiles at his grandmas and auntie Weesha, and bff Ben (Mike and Sarah's son) on Skype. (oh, he is a total screen baby... he loves computers, phones, tv already! YIKES!!!)


It's going to be really difficult for Cody to hang out with his favorite babysitter when you're all the way in MINNNNESOTA!!!!!!! :( We should probably schedule lots of babysitting dates ASAP so we can hang out a lot before that dreadful (okay, awesome for you, dreadful for me) day!
Seriously! We're going to have to let you have {babysitting} dates all the time, just to make up for future lost time. Oh, and Tim and I would LOVE that!!!

Plus, he'll need a change of scenery every now and then.

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