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Well, it is officially nice and springy around here! Today it feels like 70 and is very sunny! I had to wear my bright lime green tights and a green shirt to school today, and wish I could have worn even cooler clothes... But, it was our big kick-off for a Go for the Green "Leap of Faith" fundraising challenge at Hope Christian Academy. It was a fun little pep rally and we made a crowd tunnel for the students we sent off to the World's Cup Stacking Championship (Tomorrow Morning) in Denver. I wish I had a clip of this stuff to show you--these kids K-5th Grade are Intensely FAST at Cup-stacking! Look this "sport" up on youtube or something, because it is impressive.

For spring break last week, I was able to attempt a few garage sales with Jordy & Joy--turn out of sales was poor. But that's okay, it gave me more time to read and relax, and grade some papers for school. We checked out Golden Gate Canyon State Park's Picnicking area, and I thought how neat it would be to work for a SP. Then, I babysat for the little girls Amy and Hannah that I had last summer. We made fun little purses on the sewing machine, and created some fun games to play--a new version of mancala was on of them! The following day, I watched the three little one's of the family Tim & I like to babysit together. They are the best kids ever! Tim brought Maggie over for a while, and the boys got to play "fetch" and make Mag sit and stay. Pretty Fun!
One of my students, Alek, gave me these tulips for Easter... aren't they gorgeous!?


mom said…
What a great idea to do with the girls Amy - very cute purses!

Tim, looks like you and Mag Pie are a favorite with the boys!

Simple Pleasures!

Loving you from a distance,

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