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21 Weeks. Officially OVER halfway there.

40 weeks seems like it is going to come way too soon. We are already over halfway to having a baby?! Woah, Nelly... SLOW DOWN.
Isn't this dress the cutest!? Motherhood Maternity has some pretty great pieces (Thanks Sarah!)!

So, I had mentioned to some of you that Tim and I had pretty much picked our baby names. One top girl name, one top boy name. Well, this week, we re-assessed, and took a fresh look at our list of all the names we like. Then we did a top five for both boys and girls. Man! This is tough work. We're totally in limbo over the initial names we thought we were going to stick with. It will be so fun to see what we end up deciding. It seems like such a tough decision. having to choose for our kid, the name that they are STUCK with for the rest of their lives (unless they change it when they're legal, I guess). YIKES! I don't want that responsibility!

The funny thing is, I've dreamed up my most favorite names for "my kids someday" throughout my entire life. Don't all girls? Well, Now that I have 300 different lists to go by, I also have to remember that Tim is now in the picture. He gets a vote, too ;)

NO, we're not telling any of the names. Go ask someone else.


mom-suzy said…
Amy, it looks like you are getting "rounder." Especially on photo #1. Looking forward to seeing you and maybe even feeling baby move!
Suzy, I AM getting rounder. Pretty much every night when we're brushing our teeth, Tim says something like, "WOW, now you REALLY are looking pregnant!"

We're really looking forward to your visit, too! Can't wait to hopefully have you feel baby move... at least see the bump in person!

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