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Softball at Clement Park

This month, Tim started playing in a competitive softball league with a few guys he knows from church and some more that he just met. So far, they won their first game 14-13, and their second game 20-5. I'd like to say they have a good start to this early spring season...

On Tuesday nights, they play at Clement Park on one of the two main Softball fields over by the batting cages/Columbine side of the park. It has been fun for me (and Maggie) to come watch... You remember how ridiculous me & my pals could get at church softball games in High School, right?

*to refresh your memory, we'd cheer dorky things like:
"Let's Go, Milaca Free! One, and two, and three, Wee-Wee!"

Tim's AWESOME triple. He did great!
Anyway, I don't have any friends, or in essence of this last game, ZERO other fans on the bleachers except for me and the dog (and that's for both teams combined!). But, I'll give it to the boys that it was WINDY! and SUPER SUNNY until it set behind the mountains. Yikes. It was like REALLY REALLY WINDY. My friends at 9News called it Gale Force winds on Tuesday. Which is so sad and difficultly drawing out the wild fires which are still firing in Golden. :(

Maggie, Blowing away in the WIND! 


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