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11 month update on Baby Cody

I kept thinking, I need to get Cody's 11 month update blogged before he turns ONE... YIKES. He's ONE! I'll post more about his birthday, later :)

About our eleven month old son:

This is the last time we get to announce him as Baby Cody... He isn't a baby anymore. He's totally a little tyke... toddling around and crazy busy.

He has done a great job adapting to whatever environment we are in, but he's like me and Tim... a homebody.

He got his first tooth at the end of June, at still ten months, but barely! (his bottom left)

He has been a champ when it comes to sleeping since we put him in his own bedroom... but we now use a monitor at night. He feels so distant otherwise. {Minus his last week of the month, while teething.}

He started WALKING the last week of July, and can travel all the way across a room.

He got his second tooth in the end of July, too (his bottom right)

He is starting to wean off of nursing, drinking lots of water out of his camelbak or a sippy cup.

He LOVES yogurt, shredded cheese, bread, and quesadillas. He likes ham.

He has taken to really liking maggie. I think he misses her now that she's outside.

He really likes to push things around. You should see him scoot Tim's lunchbox cooler across the floor. He really cruises!

He is now napping once a day unless he sneaks a catnap in here or there for the late morning. Sometimes I get tired of him being so cranky that I put him in the room in his crib for some quiet, alone time, and he'll get rested up enough to come back with a good attitude.

He is definitely a handful! SO SO SO crazy busy.

Kiddo in his Dad's outfit.

showing off his skills

clearly, a gymnast. He gets that from Selby!

water break

again, in one of his dad's outfits

lounging for a quick reading break, but a little tipsy

slipping off the ottoman, like it's his job

hey, what are you looking at, mom!?

pushing his dad's old stroller. Suzy said strollers just didn't come in colors other than pink, haha!

eating wood chips at Mokahum. So?

eating his dad's apple core at Mokahum

peering at the dog

running away

playing with the dog

taunting the dog. they fought over these sticks

Stick Victor

favorite place to escape. The Driveway

i LOVE this one!

look at his face!


sticks, dirt, and rocks in his mouth. He's such a treasure.

WOW. doesn't get any cuter! You can see his tooth on the bottom!

diggin through the sand

dragging his stick through the driveway sand


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