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Cody: 8 Months Old

Here is Cody's 8 month update!

Cody is a champ when it comes to growing up.

He is strong, active, and funny.

He's around 18+ pounds, give or take a pound from our home scale, and is definitely longer than at his 6th month check up by a lot! He has no teeth, which I am still OK with. I heard a rumor that kids whose teeth break through later, tend to have healthier teeth and oral care habits. Plus, no teeth  benefits me as a nursing mom. He is up to date on his vaccines and has all his paperwork ;)

He is a stubborn little guy with big knees, big pudge, big wrinkles in his eyes and nose when he smiles, a long tongue for sticking out, and a big heart.

His nickname at home is "Five Knees."
I mean, how could you not just want to take a picture of those pudgy knees?
He is a total softy when it comes to cuddling with his mama... BUT he squirms, wrestles, and fights going to sleep every time we try to get into the whole nighttime-get-tired scene. He is the most hyper right before bed... especially with his dad.

He is bright. He likes to listen and watch people doing things, and then try them himself. This is mostly true with DOING things, not usually saying things. He isn't big on repeating sounds or words... but actions.

He sits up at the table with us in his little hook-on high chair, eating puffs, yogurt, peas, baby oatmeal, and mashed fruits and veggies. He particularly has a thing for sweet potatoes... they're the thing I'll mix in with anything else to get him to eat it if he's unsure. He has been taking his vitamins everyday lately too (I didn't give them to him like I was supposed to for his first six months).

He can scoot/army crawl like a speedster, and just started "really crawling" on his hands and knees on Monday! He crawls about 25% of the time since figuring it out.

He currently has a runny nose and super-drool going on, along with a low fever on & off. He hasn't been sleeping well since Saturday, and his appetite's not been too big either. Teething? The question I have tried to answer since he started gumming everything, and drooling all over in October! Still no teeth.

He has grown much more hair! It still looks like old man hair. 

He is a wonderful little friend and "little brother" to Selby and Finley every weekday. He misses them on the weekends, and continues to light up and follow them around when we get back to work on Mondays, or everyday really.
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Here, he was watching for Aunt Weesha's plane to fly over on its way to Alaska!

He is "cruising on the furniture and has to stand up at everything!

He is cute. 
He is a good boy. 
He is my favorite son :)


His mouth is his new appendage. He uses it to feel everything, and for an extra hand in pulling himself up on anything and everything. Seriously, everything goes into his mouth right now. Toilets and trash included. GROSS.


I love his fuzzy little blonde head!
TA Kastenbauer said…
Aww, Thanks Kristen! It is finally filling in!!! I found myself actually getting offended that people were and are still calling him a "bald baby!" He totally has hair, it is just fuzzy little blondness :)

I am having a hard time figuring out how to watch your Wheel of Fortune debut tomorrow. Eeek! We don't have TV and I can't even figure out what network it will be on, but I'm going to try to record it and watch at my nanny family's house!!! Can't wait to see you rock the Wheel!!!!!!!!
Tessica said…
This was fun to read and see. He is cute and growing so quickly. He's bigger than Asher (who is 17 lbs or so) and they're probably doing about the same things- Asher is 12 mos on Tues and started crawling at 11 mos. He's cruising all over and pulling up on everything but isn't taking steps on his own yet. He can stand for 6 seconds or so on his own. Maybe some day our little guys will get to meet and play :)
TA Kastenbauer said…
Thanks Tess, I'm glad you follow along with our adventures... and I, yours, too! It makes it feel like we're sort of in each others lives more than we actually are in person! After we move to Bemidji, it won't be so far to get to Shell Lake ;)

Way to Go, Asher! When I saw your post about the birthday cake, I was like... I can't believe how old all of your boys seem already. Wasn't Malachi just being born!??

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