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5 Months Old (January 7th)

Cody is growing up SO fast! Things are going really well for him and for us as his parents. We have learned to let things go when we need to (comments that aren't necessary to help us get one step further through the day) and soak up all the help and advice (those that DO support and encourage us!) we can. We tried Rice cereal with Cody for a little over a week, but decided to hold off on that for now. He did fine with it--and we did record his face--but we're just going to wait until he is a little more in need of solids. I would love to try making my own fruit and veggie purees for him... I have a Kitchen Aid Mixer w/ Food Grinder attachment, a Magic Bullet, and a baby food mill thing. I'll see what works best and probably freeze the food in ice cube trays or little containers. He is SUPER active... rolling across the room. Well, it is more like gracefully flopping around the room.

Yuck, the other day I came into the Living room and caught him sliming up Maggie's Kong dog chew toy...he just looked at me like, WHAT? :) Then he started crying. I think he has been crying lately when he doesn't get what he wants... Which I am not thrilled about, but we'll manage. He's such a baby sometimes ;) We put him in the doorway Johnny Jump Up thing, and he likes that. We have a chicco Hook-on High Chair, too, that he likes to sit in. ESPECIALLY to be near us at the table.

He definitely survives, but doesn't love to be on his own right now. I mean, he can play by himself on a blanket, or in a jumper or something (for up to maybe 45 mins sometimes!), but he notices when whoever is with him leaves the room. And that's fine. Like I said, we realize he is a baby and can't really fend for himself yet. BUT we don't want to get overly entertaining for him.

One of the cutest things Cody plays with is this little red car my grandpa Merle made for him. It has a smooth finish. It is an attractive color, it is wood (good to teethe on), and the wheels have the slightest squeak to them when he rolls it back and forth. I LOVE toys like this. Plain Jane. I had to admit to everyone at Christmas that I am not a fan of the battery toys. Mostly because I don't like that the kids can't DO more with them... I feel like they become more ADD the more lights and sounds that flash at them. I have nothing to back this up, I just don't love that kind of toys and baby things. I can be picky about what is in our house, right? :) I mean, the last thing I want when it is quiet time, is to be picking some things up, putting the toys in the basket, folding up his blanket and to have some toy start telling me shapes and colors. Thank You, I know how to count in non-robotic form. Also, my son can't talk yet, so when you tell him BLUE! he doesn't even know what that is, let alone understand your creepy little voice if he did. No, I'm not a freak about this, I just wouldn't want Cody (or future kids) to rely on them. I like wooden toys, soft toys, rubbery toys, and off switches on plastic toys. :)

He is sleeping through the night again!!! 8ish to being woken up just before 7am)


Hi Sweetie! What a blessing to see you growing so much. Loving that smile! Love you.

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