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Homeschool Plans 2017-2018, First Grade and Pre-K Boys | Homeschooling with Truth, Beauty, Goodness

I would like to share with you our plans for our homeschool this year. Codeman is in First grade, while Jesse is an official Pre-K dude. Anna is a wannabee brother and underfoot helper and Titus. He's three months old. Whooofta. I'd just like to repeat that again. Whooooooooofta.

I have read many books, blogs, and journals on the topic of education. Home education, and to be even more specific, sources regarding Classical Education and Charlotte Mason. I truly enjoy these topics and the sources. I am intrigued, and so I continue reading and have now found myself following and chatting with several homeschool moms online in addition to my local and Colorado friends who homeschool. Tim and I were both homeschooled, although my window of homeschooling was only 4 years, I glean much from my mom and Tim's mom. As some podcasts I've listened to refer to us, we are second-generation homeschoolers :) Haha! Well, it helps give me perspective on quality literature and publishers when I'm already familiar with many of these people and books. Annnnnyway. The point of me saying all this, is that I'm an individual who loves reading and researching homeschool things. I feel like I know a lot, but for most of what I know, it's a temporal knowledge that hasn't been experienced yet. I can't say from experience much of these things because I am only the mother of a six year old boy... I haven't graduated any children from my home education program yet:) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know that I just like to share my thoughts. This is my perspective or my choice, and I don't pretend to know everything or how it works. This blog and what I share is because I like to store my thoughts here like a journal, and also because sometimes when I am looking for someone like me trying something, I want to read their experience with it. Here, I want to only share my review of what we're doing or reading because I want to share my perspective, in the case that it will help you come to your own conclusions. Enjoy!

Truth, Beauty, Goodness.

Seek First the KINGDOM. We want to raise our children to cultivate virtue and wisdom through studying the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.  

Here is what we're using for our first grade year, with our just-turned 6 son: 

Memoria Press (MP) First Grade

-Curriculum Manual & Recitation Guide (recitation is a formal memory work list, facts that I want them to have memorized, typical for classical education in the grammar stage)
-Enrichment Guide- Uses a one per week schedule of read-alouds listed below, Music and art appreciation, and one or two poems a week from Childs Book of Poems by Gyo Fujikawa and Animals, Animals illustrated by Eric Carle, he will be giving me a short oral or picture narration of each poem, Artwork/Painting, or read-aloud. 
-Art Cards
-Copybook 2
-New American Cursive
-reading Bible stories from many different Bibles and story books(following calendar of the selected stories in the MP curriculum)
-Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading shooting for one lesson per day. We never do the extra optional games or practice.
-All About Spelling Level 1 ( teacher's book, letter tile magnets on a white board, and the flash cards)
-Math U See, Alpha (Teacher's Manual, DVD, Student Workbook)shooting for one lesson per week, one worksheet per day. 
-1st Grade Read-Alouds (one per week. I read out loud to the kids a few times a week, and our science or history might relate as we play thru these things, as well as he will be giving me an oral narration of the first time we read it)
A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker (For example: that week we looked at a picture of a tea leaf in science book, and also had a tea party with our classical music, like bear finally allows mouse to stay for, and talked about guests and hosts)
The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane by C. M. Millen
A House Is a House for Me by Mary Ann Hoberman
Miss Twiggley’s Tree by Dorothea Warren Fox
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile by Bernard Waber
A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus by David A. Adler
Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Pane
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod by Eugene Field, Illustrated by Johanna Westerman
The Caboose Who Got Loose by Bill Peet
The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear
The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown
The Very First Thanksgiving Day Rhonda Gowler Greene
Choo Choo by Virginia Lee Burton
The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
The Moon Shines Down by Margaret Wise Brown
Norman the Doorman by Don Freeman
Pickle-Chiffon Pie by Jolly Roger Bradfield
The Star-Spangled Banner Illustrated by Peter Spier
Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books by Kay Winters
White Snow, Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt
Patrick – Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie de Paola
Doctor DeSoto by William Steig
Little Toot by Hardie Gramatky
Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco
The Glorious Flight by Alice and Martin Provensen
Why Mosquitoes Buzz by Verna Aardema
Fly High, Fly Low by Don Freeman
Millions of Cats by Wanda Ga’g
The Storm Book by Charlotte Zolotow
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton
A Time to Keep by Tasha Tudor

-1st Gr Reading (he reads them aloud to me): Storytime Treasures & More Storytime Treasures (I am not doing the comprehension guides. He will be reading these books and giving me oral narrations after each time he reads)
1st Semester
Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik
Little Bear’s Visit by Else Holmelund Minarik
Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina
Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey
Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey
2nd Semester
Billy and Blaze by C.W. Anderson
Blaze and the Forest Fire by C.W. Anderson
The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese
Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie by Peter and Connie Roop
Stone Soup by Marcia Brown
The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

-I do have Story of the World Vol 1 and the activity guide, but I'm not thinking we are going to get far or do much with that. 
-I also have First Language Lessons 1, but think we may only do about 2 lessons a week, perhaps.
-Song School Latin dvds, Lisa Loeb Nursery Rhymes music video free on AmazonPrime, and other praise songs, kids songs and hymns on youtube or amazon videos. 

Shows I like for them to watch when they need some quiet or down time and I need to keep them in one place.

-Scout & Friends/Leapfrog (alphabet and numbers)
-Magic School Bus


-Lisa Loeb Nursery Rhyme Parade
-Wild Kratts
-We're Going on a Bear Hunt
-Snowy Day
-If you give a mouse a cookie
-If you give a mouse a christmas cookie
-Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
-Daniel Tiger


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