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Our Sienna... Yes, I drive it and LOVE it.

Well, in a bittersweet moment, I said good-bye to the Pathfinder (my sweat and blood-purchased SUV that brought me through college) when we sold it. What a blessing to have got what we needed out of it, and it sold within like two days of being on craigslist. Awesome! 
We bought... a van. I seriously, seriously NEVER thought I would say that. I mean never. But, I am officially a Minivan Mama, and loving it! The Toyota Sienna we bought isn't quite as fancy as the ones you've seen in the swagger wagon commercials, but so close ;) To top off how much Tim and I like the Sienna, the girls Love it! Fin calls it "the band" or the "band-car" and always requests it  for rides (she thinks I have a choice at this point). It's super cute, but Fin and Sel just love it. I think their favorite part is easy accessibility in which they can each climb up through the doors on their own.

Softball at Clement Park

This month, Tim started playing in a competitive softball league with a few guys he knows from church and some more that he just met. So far, they won their first game 14-13, and their second game 20-5. I'd like to say they have a good start to this early spring season...

On Tuesday nights, they play at Clement Park on one of the two main Softball fields over by the batting cages/Columbine side of the park. It has been fun for me (and Maggie) to come watch... You remember how ridiculous me & my pals could get at church softball games in High School, right?

*to refresh your memory, we'd cheer dorky things like:
"Let's Go, Milaca Free! One, and two, and three, Wee-Wee!"
Anyway, I don't have any friends, or in essence of this last game, ZERO other fans on the bleachers except for me and the dog (and that's for both teams combined!). But, I'll give it to the boys that it was WINDY! and SUPER SUNNY until it set behind the mountains. Yikes. It was like R…

20 Weeks Belly

Kastenbaby at the 20 Weeks Ultrasound

We are blessed to announce that our baby is healthy! Of course, we constantly covet your prayers as we continue on through this growth and development process. We didn't (and aren't going to) find out the sex of our baby... So, we don't know :)
We Do Know:
Heart Rate of 150 bpm All fingers, toes, bones, organs Heart functions very healthy, and has all parts A Big head: measured a little earlier due date than other parts (a Nordstrom?) We have "a squirmer on our hands" according to the ultrasound tech. Mom is healthy and feeling great.

6 Inches! And growing like a weed... Well, more like a tomato this week.

"Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and measures 6 inches, head to bottom — about the size of a large heirloom tomato." --from
I am feeling the kicks and squirms more and more each day. Tim can officially feel it, if he's checking at the right time, and it is just a wonderful feeling. We're blessed to be able to enjoy this part of pregnancy without complaint. I'm not sleeping much at nights, but am able to rest during the days I'm worn out when the girls are down, too. Our registry is up at, now. And, I've got my eyes peeled for the bigger items (from the Baby Things page here on my blog). We're constantly amazed at the Lord's provision for us... like the Sienna we were able to buy that is reliable and so "cool," even the D's girls LOVE IT. Fin asks, "Are we gonna ride in the band-car, Amy?" She likes the "band" (van) quite a bit! I think her and Sel like it mostly because they don't …

The Bergstroms Came to Colorado!

Mom, Ken, and Cayla made the long drive out here during UMD's Spring Break and hit the slopes in Winter Park, CO... Gorgeous! There was fresh snow and even more sun everyday for them. And, the best part: They got to visit Me & Tim, and Jordan & Joy!
On Monday, they were able to stop by my "work" at the D's and meet the girls :) Although Fin remembered mom from her November visit with "Oh! Becky, from Minnesota!" it was cute!
Sel wasn't as fond of Ken, whom she called "geek" quite clearly... But it certainly was a fun way for them to start of the week. Oh, and it was a sunny 65 degrees when they rolled in. Then, we all gathered at our place, including Ethan Printy (Woohoo, Milaca friends in Denver) before heading out to El Tapatio--Tim's and My favorite Mexican hot spot in Littleton/Lakewood. I--of course--enjoyed the staple Mexican Food order: Chili Rellenos! YUMMMMMMMMM. 

After Dinner, we (minus Ethan) came back to the Kastenbees for…

Deer Creek Camping

Vince and Joia joined me, Tim, and Jon for a fun day away... And of course, had to bring the most practical and favorite camping item... The double hammock! I LOVE ours(thanks Jess)!

18 Weeks

Steve's Snappin Dogs

Oh. My. Goodness. These girls are CUTE.

YUMM... Okay, my Denver Friends. I am pleading for you to please try Steve's Snappin' Dogs. It is the coolest hot dog hut you've ever been, with affordable and delicious food! Try the Green Beans, for real! Go there, and try not to fall in love with hot dogs... I dare you :) Of course, anyone who knows my heart, knows that there will always be a special spot for hot dogs... In all seriousness, I could always eat a hot dog. It fits into the LeAnn Chin Fried Rice category of "I might pick this as my last and only food if I could eat only one food for the rest of my life." I really like hot dogs.

Happy Birthday to My Husband!!!

Tim is officially OVER a quarter of a century old. He turned twenty-six on Friday, and I can't tell a difference, believe it or not.

He's been enjoying (gratefully) his new toy--the iPod Touch! Seriously, this thing is super cool! You'll have to ask him about all the cool things you can have on it, and the apps and stuff... Pretty Sweet! (and now he can keep up with Fin when she's "busy playing on {her} iPad."

17 Weeks Photo

17 Weeks... Folks: KB's an Onion!

"Your baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — her lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she's around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop." 

I haven't had my weekly photo update yet, so I thought I'd throw out some information/facts instead :) Seriously, check out and the awesome images and videos they share about babies--both in and out of womb! It is impressive.

The Big news for me & baby this week: I felt KB move! 4 times already, since first felt movement last Friday!  It has been different fluttery, butterfly-ish feelings... SO Special!
On the downside, sleeping is just becoming pretty rough. I constantly find myself waking with aches and discomfort, only to see that it has been like 30-40 mins since the last time I checked …

Lunch at the D's :)

Well, today is a long day for me:) For starters, Thursdays are normally my "day off" for the week, but it is different right now because parents are in Mexico for a long weekend getaway. So, I got here this morning, and won't leave until Saturday late morning when grandparents come to each take a kid.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes, but for now, here's a (super blurry computer) photo of me and the girls at lunch today. Fin's eating a tortilla and blueberries... pretty filling, huh? And Sel? She's digging into her hummus |she's OBSESSED| with her fork, and working on her second serving of blueberries and two tortillas downed already.