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Backpacking at St. Mary's


Random Note: We've been looking all over Target, Babies R Us, and Craigslist to start deciding what kind of "equipment we're going to want for baby. Things like BOB Strollers (or any Awesome Three-wheel with front wheel swivel), Ergo Baby Carriers, Baby Bjorns--I think we're receiving one from my gracious brother and sister in law!--and "cool" high chairs. Are high chairs ever cool? Well, you know, we love all that softer, earthy tones, the natural, wood, soft rubbery, quilts, "real" feeling, NOT the from-a-preschool room-primary-color-stuff.

*We love Browns, Greens, Blues, Golds, Darker Reds (Picture our quilt that Grandpa made us for our wedding).*
Well, I am thinking about putting up a list/page on here of pictures and brands of things we are collecting (we're all about used, just not abused baby gear) from craigslist, friends, and garage sales, as well as through gifts. That way, you can see our style, and feel like you're a part of the…

Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump!

I just got back from our 16 week check up with Dr. Lewkowski. She is the sweetest thing! Also pregnant herself, I think she sort of "gets it" extra right now. Like she really wants to know how I'm feeling, and what I've been thinking lately. She knows the concerns and worries, but still sees the joys and simple gladness. It was encouraging to hear our baby's heartbeat this morning... SO GREAT! My friend Lea said it basically makes her cry, but since I'm not such a crier myself, I just got a huge grin on my face and listened in awe. The Doplar thing she used looked like a little hand-held gaming machine with no screen, just buttons. Squirt a little jelly on my belly, and instantly when she set the scope thing down, we heard baby!!!

If you want to listen to the beat (I'm trying to remember how fast it actually sounded, and I think between 150-160 beats per minute is about where it was). Silly me, I didn't ask :) Oh, well! Anyway, if you don't have …

The Apple-Softball.

Tomorrow (Thursday), I go for our 16 week check-up. Hoping to maybe hear the heartbeat, and wondering what else we'll do there. Yay! Pray for a healthy baby & mama as we venture to see Dr. L :)

60s in February... Colorado is Crazy!

{A Tribute to Sel} My Job is the Cutest Job. Ever.

And the Photo Journey Begins...

I have been feeling great! Thank you for all of your prayers during this exciting time. We are officially in the second Trimester, and doing wonderful.

When Tim and I found out we were pregnant, we both acted stunned, but in the best way. We laughed, and just stood there like, "WOW! We're going to have a baby! AWESOME!" Now, we're like, "We're going to have a baby! AWESOME!" :) The Lord is so good to provide for us all that we need, and we continue to trust in Him for the strength, rest, and health that we'll need in the coming--growing--months, as well as His provision for our material needs in Littleton.

We have a home, jobs, friends, fellowship in a community of Believers, working cars (one extra, in fact, for those days when Amy's car breaks down and she has to drive the truck for two days to work--the girls LOVED it!). We have a loving family who supports us. And, we have a Savior to LOVE us with His tender mercy. For all of this, we are g…

We have a lemon!

We are officially into the Second Trimester with the Kastenbaby, and the little one has grown to about the size of a lemon! From head to toe, they are about 3 1/2 inches long... can you believe K-Baby has already developed enough facial muscles to get a work out, just from frowning, squinting, and maybe sucking their thumb? Pretty incredible.

Last night we had a fun night with our friends, the Hodges, who we met in our AC 3 Strands. We went to their house to enjoy Jon's first shot at a delicious Broccoli and Cheese Soup, yummy salad, and WONDERFUL Date Cookies from Lindsey. Mmmhmmm. It was a special night of just plain old hanging out in fellowship. They are also expecting a baby, although it will be their third :) So that was fun to talk about the expectations and such of parenthood...

I have a question for all you parents out there. What is one thing that you expected you would do, or never do as parents, that really changed when you had the baby? (ie: You said you would never r…

Rabbit-Proof Fence

I just watched the movie "Rabbit-Proof Fence" and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to gain knowledge of Aboriginal Australia in the 1930s, increasing their world-view. It is very interesting, and eye-opening, as it is based on a deeply sad true story (which has since been written by the "main character's" daughter into a book). I suggest watching it alone, or with friends. A great film. If you have seen it, or when you do, I'd like to know what you think. Where you aware of the "Stolen Generation" before this?

Mini Donuts, Cowboys, Wranglers, and Hats... I love the National Western Stock Show.