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kastenbaby 2013 | What do you know about this baby? the Game!

The time has come for the big baby guessing game! You comment on this post with your name and all your answers, and the winner for the closest / most correct will receive a prize from the kastenbees.

1. Boy or Girl? 2. When is this little one going to arrive? (enter date and time) 3.  What will he or she look like? (guess hair color and lots or little, eye color, skin complexion...) 4. How much will the baby weigh? (enter pounds and ounces) 5.  How long will this baby be? (enter inches) bonus question:
6. What will Cody's and/or Maggie's response(s) be when they meet the baby for the first time? 
Here are all the answers from Cody's arrival: (Click here to see that post from August 2011)

1. Boy
2. August 7, he was like 5 days early.
3. Strawberry-Blonde hair, not much of it. Dark Blue Eyes, and a fair & clear complexion.
4. 8lbs, 3oz
5. 19 inches
6. Maggie liked him for a month, and then ate EVERYTHING plastic that had to do with nursing, bottles, pacifiers, and anyt…

Quick Family Update | Center for Indian Ministries

A little note to our supporters, in prayer and financially:  Hello everyone,
We are so blessed by your love and support for our family. We are happy to say that we've only just now started feeling the hot and humid part of MN summers... Hooray that it held off so long! God has been faithful and good to us as we begin to prepare for the start of Mokahum's school year. CIM hired on a new director of education for Mokahum, and a young couple with baby to minister to the women residents as the Dorm Parents in their house. Praise Him for at least 6 students coming this year, and pray for more who are considering to choose well. Tim has been finishing up some projects around campus before the students arrive, and Amy has been busy with websites and photography. At home, we anxiously await our newest one's arrival (due Sept 21st) and pray for a safe and swift labor and delivery when the time comes. Cody is TWO and wonderfully so! He is a little man who wants to hum a…

A day in our life | Summer 2013

It's HOT! Here's the codeman enjoying some water fun.

The bottom right is Tim's new duck-hunting hotspot (or so he hopes!). We went canoeing for the wrap-up of our weekend getaway last weekend. Happy 5th Anniversary (early), Pre-Baby, and Time away from Cody!!! Mom came and watched him while we went to a hotel and enjoyed Walker.
 Here are some more fun playing around shots
 He takes his biking duties and chicken coop responsibilities very heavily! Good little guy!
 Running after Maggie into the field is a new past-time. He loves how she disappears into the vast array of weeds and flowers and grass!
Dad's big helper. He steals Tim's carpenter's pencil and nails or screws from his bags whenever he can... and he's sneaky about it too!

kastenbaby 2013 | week 35

kastenbaby 2013 | week 34

How am I supposed to Glow? | "Belly laugh" Pregnancy cartoon

kastenbaby 2013 | week 33

kastenbaby 2013 | week 32


I just needed to whine for a few moments.
I want to say that I'm busy, tired, exhausted, 33 weeks pregnant, hungry, sleepy, achy, and a mother of a two-year-old-tomorrow. It's been a long day around here, and that's all I wanted to share with you.

On the upside: we have kittens!!!
On the downside: we have kittens!!!

Pray for me while I'm struggling to get through this naptime trying to be productive, and yet finding myself on my blog, facebook, and thinking about turning on the Bachelorette to watch, too.

Lots of love,
the kastenpup.