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Lots going on around here, and away from here! | Adventures upon Adventures.

Because we've been so busy, I haven't been doing a great job of keeping updates regular on this blog, BUT I assure you... I have been documenting life as it happens.
Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to this summer, and now into FALL! YAY!

I love fall.

Layers, warmth, cool, crispness, crunching leaves, changing colors, earthy smells, and so much more. I just love love love it.

Road Trip! 2014 | Adventures of the Kastenbauers

Well, we went on a road trip! It was Jesse's first big vacation, and it was splendid!

We drove to Seattle, WA, where my dad, sister, and brother-in-law live. We left on a Friday and got back the following Saturday night. 

We went by way of North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington... and back! It was super!

I want to tell more about it, but I will start with a few pictures because I am totally tired and just want to post this for my non-facebookers who didn't see even the one tent photo I posted yet :)

mama kastenpup

Day with Grandma IsoAiti Becky in "the Cities" | Motherhood, Toddlerhood THOMAS THE TRAIN at the Children's Museum of Minnesota