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It's Good Friday, Happy Easter! | 2013

I hope you take time today to remember the importance of Good Friday, and reflect on Christ's Resurrection on Sunday.

My friend Megan posted this scripture today, and I wanted to share it with you.

"He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree,  so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness;  by his wounds you have been healed." 1 Peter 2:24

Happy Easter from our family to yours! 
He Is Risen! 

Kastenbaby 2013 | 13 Weeks

Mr. Talkative

Cody is really starting to interact a lot with people, books, and listening to music. Yesterday we listened to Adventures in Odyssey and at the beginning when she says "Hi! I'm Kris, welcome to Adventures in Odyssey!" He yells back at her, Hi!!!!


50 Days | 50 Faces | 50k

Remember when I went to India with my CCU2TheWorld Missions Team in 2008?  I spent almost a month between two villages which Ryan and Amanda Phillips have given their lives to work for the Lord with.  We shared our physical labor and our hearts through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Rataygaoun, we built a footbridge with stone, concrete and bamboo. In Daragaoun, we helped out at the Swasti-Kendra (hospital/clinic) and worked on finishing up some new school buildings. Ryan and Amanda (who graduated from CCU a few years before I went there) lived in Daragaoun at the time. Now, Ryan is very involved in the Dayasagar Project. 

Well, I want to share something from Ryan:
"Tomorrow marks the beginning of ECTA's 50/50/50 campaign. For the next 50 days I'm in India, I will share a photo of an individual directly supported, trained or equipped by the Dayasagar Project. You will see 50 faces. You will read a short description of 50 lives who are reaching out to improve the heal…

BIG News, for such a tiny little thing!

Praise the Lord!!!

Heads Up-photo sharing might soon overtake this blog again :) Look out world, here comes another belly bump!

Master Bedroom | Part One

Walls Painted, floors in (sanded and stained).
Next up: poly in the floor (2 coats) then buy and (white) paint floor trim and window trim. Then get some doors!

St. Urho's Day | March 16, 2013

HAPPY ST. URHO'S DAY  all this is taken from The Origin of St. UrhoThe legend of St. Urho is not the product of one person, but of many. The original character is usually traced to Virginia, Minnesota, but like most good legends, there have been many voices in creating the history of St. Urho.
St. Urho was created by Richard Mattson, who worked at Ketola's Department Store in Virginia, Minnesota. Mattson is generally credited with conjuring up a Finnish counterpart to St. Patrick in the spring of 1956. Just as Patrick had driven the snakes from Ireland, Mattson's saint drove a plague of frogs from Finland. There were several Finnish names suggested, but Saint Ero or Saint Jussi, or even Toivo or Eino, just didn't have the correct ring of a saintly name. Urho Kekkonen became president of Finland in 1956, and some believe that is where the name came from. Others say that Kekkonen was called "Saint Urho" by the citizens of Finland,…

Father and Son

Tim and Cody are definitely into roughness time before bed. Well, anytime. Here is a glimpse of them "cuddling together" (wrestling and attacks)

Winter 2012-2013

Okay, So remember when I never added any great amounts of photos from New Years, Christmastime, OR Thanksgiving? Yeah. That was me. I haven't done anything productive with this in a long time, and I regret that. It's not that I have a need to blog, I know I'm not doing this for myself to gain blogger points or anything. It is just that I LOVE keeping you, my friends and my family in the loop. I LOVE pictures, and this seems like the best of both worlds to do that with. I regret that I am so far behind because I've got this compulsive disorder where I don't like to just jump right in without catching up.

I'm going against all that is inside my little journaling heart, and just starting right here. With today, like I have been keeping up with this blog on a regular basis.

Today: It is beautiful, white, snowy, 30-some degrees, and lovely. I think my legs fell off when I was playing outside and taking Cody around the yard. They're probably going to be fou…