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Happy Golden Birthday Alicia!


Arrow Hawk. Not a Mohawk.

Chautauqua Park, Baseline Road in Boulder.

Will (6 and 359 days old with a loose tooth) and Becky as the hike began.

Here, you can see the full fledged Arrow Hawk that Will had Becky cut for him

The "Tough Man Face"

Where's Waldo? I mean, Will. Where's Will?

A Lovely and Warm Hike, despite the rain pouring down at the beginning.

Meet Our New Girl Odile: German Wirehaired Pointer

Meet Maggie's new sister: Odile! She is a cuddly, shaggy, and very-much-like-Maggie's-personality German Wirehaired Pointer. We took her home today from a young guy who had rescued her as a 3 month old puppy, but just doesn't have the time or energy she needs and deserves for love and exercise. She had been with him for since September, and now she is just over a year. Her birthday was 6/25/09.

Today we brought "the girls" to Banner Lakes (NE of Brighton) to swim and retrieve on such a HOT day. Maggie did great, as usual, and Odile just tried to copy her big sister's every move.

As you can see from this action shot... Odile has tons of spunk with her long & shaggy, wirey coat. 

She LOVES to roll around on her back! She sticks her nose right to the ground, and digs it into the grass, dirt, sand... dead rat-like nasty animal thing... whatever she finds. It was almost gross, but 100% cute. 

So far, Mag-dog really seems to get along fine with her. They haven…

Vitality: On An Open Road

Tim and I have been seeking the LORD in prayer, asking for wisdom and understanding of His will for our lives. We see clearly a new life in ourselves, as we get excited about the opportunities available to us. We live in a world where darkness tries to overturn the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and we want to be a beacon. We want to serve Him and Glorify Him in the choices we make. It is our desire to give our lives as missionaries up to Him. How does that look? We wonder constantly what is in store for our next chapter in life. Tim has only two years left in his carpentry apprenticeship here in Denver at CITC, in which he hopes to continue working with Fransen Pittman (look at the Southglenn Branch Library... that was Tim's job last summer). But, the things of this world are easy to become attached to, and we want to look only to the Heavenly. Like Paul wrote to the Galatians, "May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucifie…


Blueberry Hill Cupcakes with Vanilla Sugar Frosting

Yesterday I made these tasty cupcakes while the girls were sleeping... my nanny mom found the recipe online at Epicurious.... check it out! SO good. I've made some of their other designs and will definitely do them again. Today I frosted them with the suggested recipe :)

07.07 Birthday!

For the big 2-3, my special someone took me out to a fancy and DELICIOUS dinner at the Bonefish Grill. It was a sweet night just to the two of us, and a great restaurant! 
                                We ordered Bang Bang Shrimp that couldn't have tasted any better!
This was my plate of fresh, grilled, Norwegian Salmon "Flown in fresh today!" Served with Jasmine Herbed Rice, Tasty Fresh Veggies, and 4 sauces to try it with: Pan Asian, Lemon Butter, Chimichurri, and Warm Mango Salsa. I would give the whole meal 5 Stars, it was absolutely delightful! 
After we packed up the leftovers, I was surprised with a fun plate of "Happy Birthday" Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries!
But the night wasn't over yet.... Tim took me to Petco to get a fish!

Meet Rudy!

Lake McConaug-HEYEH!

Who doesn't love a nice sandy beach over the weekend of the fourth!? We camped at Lake McConaughy--hereafter called Lake Mac, Big Mac, McConaughy Lake--back in the woods, off the main drag. It is so fun to go there, because the rules are pretty slack, allowing freedom in driving off-road, swimming wherever, camping in the middle of nothing, burning whatever you want to cut down... It's great! Jon & his little guy Cooper, Jordan & Joy, Tom, Tami, Csaba, Emme, and their dog Argish joined me, Tim & Mags. Although some of our stuff got wet after the fireworks on Sunday night, we were all safe during the Tornado Warning Storm that barreled through our camp. The 'works went off from every direction at the park we went to for the big show... Fireworks are definitely legal in NE, and people aren't shy of shooting off the real deals just from their yard or the parking lots. It was especially fun to wait for the fireworks while Tom roasted us all some awesome S'm…

The joyful little pair that make my days so great!



I have been blessed with a wonderful family to work for/with! I absolutely enjoy the fun little quirks each of them holds. I love to see the changes in each of them from day to day--although it does get slightly challenging when they are both so young, because their schedules are on the move, that's for sure. We've been going on morning walks in the double stroller, exercising through Fin's dance class, and moving our tails to Music Together, our new Tuesdays class for all three of us :) It's fun.

Yesterday, we met Joy with her three girls at Little Monkey Bizness, where the girls all played around on basically a giant play place.
                                                                         The Girls!