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Date Night!

Tonight, Tim and I are dropping the Codman off with the Tedford's and heading over to IKEA. Will it be totally crazy because it is just a crazy busy place anytime, especially Christmas week!?
I guess in the long run, we don't care! We want a date night. AND I have some extra Christmas shopping to do. It's two-fold goodness. Well, actually three-fold: we also are anxious to see Ryan & Trixie AND their newest addition to the family, Nigel! They just adopted Nigel a few weeks ago from the Denver Dumb Friends League. He's an Australian Shepherd or something (?) who is super cute and sits on the dryer everyday to look out the window, waiting for them to come home from work. I haven't met him yet, but Tim has... I'm excited!

Another bright note: *It's snowing*

See how he's grown!

Kastenbees Family Photos

Images © 2011 Joy DeBoer {My sister in law takes great pics!}

Cody is 4 months old

As I'm sure you can see, our past few months have just flown by! We can't believe that our little Codman is already four and a half months old. I just about cried the other day (not really: I'm not like that, I just like to exaggerate) at the Doctor. He had his 4-month Well Check, and Dr Emily was mentioning what we'd be talking about during that visit. She said we'd hit on his growth and development, talk about vaccines, and then talk about starting him on solids, like rice cereal. WHAT!?! I just gave birth to this kid, he's not ready for rice cereal!!! But, in reality, he's on the cusp of teething; we're thinking a top tooth may pop out in like a month, but he's been chewing on everything like a mad man for almost a month now. He weighed in at 14 lbs 6 ounces, and measured 25 inches long; so he's right on track, about average. His head circumference was 42cm I think, which put him above average... haha!

He hasn't had any ear infections, o…

Video Catch Up day...

So, I just posted nine million new videos of Cody on youtube... you should catch up on what he's been up to the past two months :) THIS is a video playlist on youtube, so you can just press the NEXT button if you don't want to watch the current video (looks like |> or something) You can see them all on our youtube homepage thingy too...  

Cheesy Christmas Pic

Here's our cheesy Christmas picture for you all to get a kick out of.