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August 2015 | Chickens, Auntie Cayla and Driveway Portraits

Independence Day weekend

July Ministry Update | Making Disciples for Christ Among Native Americans

We send these updates out with receipts for donations each month, so when I think of it, I will also post them here. Then, you can all share in lifting up this call we have to disciple Native Americans! Thank You for your love!

Happy Summer! We are so excited to share with you that our sweet Anna Evelyn arrived safely on June 10th, weighing 8lbs 5oz, and she is adorable, healthy, and very well loved. The boys are thrilled to hold their sister and give her lots of love as much as they can. Thank You for your loving prayers for a safe delivery, we praise God it went just right and Amy is recovering quite well. Tim is busy at Mokahum and at the Ten Oaks building this summer with teams who graciously volunteer to help us out on their missions trips. God is so good to continue providing for us always as we live and serve here within the Native community of Cass Lake. 

Please keep praying for: 
our family to be light and love, us to build relationships specifically with local Natives, raising …

It's a Girl! | Kastenbaby #3

Here I am at 39 weeks, two days before this sweet girl joined us.

Anna was born on June 10 in the early morning, after almost 7 hours of labor. Contractions started consistently but not very strong 30-60sec long, about 2-5 mins apart for almost three hours. Then, at the hospital, they really slowed down, and it was very relaxing, I took some little catnaps and wondered what was happening. Then they picked up intensity, and the Dr. broke my water. For about an hour, contractions we strong and painful, I was really uncomfortable with them. Baby was head-down, but facing up. So, Dr. had me turning over on both sides, and up on my knees and hands to try to get her to turn herself. She didn't, and after a little more difficult-than-the-boys of pushing thru maybe 3 contractions, we heard "It's a baby girl. You've got yourselves a girl!" :)

 She was loud, and reminded us of Jesse a lot. The DeBoer features sticking out.
 She cried and cried for quite a while while I he…

May 2015... and here I am :)

It has been an immensely long amount of time since I've even clicked over to this blog, let alone posted something.
And that's okay.
I have had a pretty busy and very different year than any past. And, I purposely took a rest from "forcing" myself to do anything, especially things like this that aren't at all necessary. It's a relief to feel like I have the desire and the time to just do this for a few minutes.

I really do want to get back into blogging, but I just don't have it far enough up the priority list yet.

So, that's all for now. Just a hello, and now a good bye.
Be back soon, blogging world.


baby is due in two weeks!!!