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For Seriously?

I KNOW... it has been extremely too long since I have last been here. No, I've looked, and thought, "I just don't have time right now to add anything new." Although I wanted to post a blog sooner, I just assumed it would have been lacking. Weak Sauce. Insufficient. Therefore, achieving nothing new on the blog. Okay, well, here I go.

What've we been doing, and how are we spending our days?

One Way: I have been very busy with my new photography business, (Check it out) Amy Kate Photography... I've been doing family photo shoots, kids, couples... It has been so much fun! I love the experience I am gaining, the shots I can put in my portfolio, and most importantly business-wise, the network I'm building up. I am so thankful for the blessings I have thrown at me every day in regards to photography. THANK GOD for those. He has been faithful in providing for Tim and I in everyway we could imagine. Tim has the encouragement part of things down to a T. He is a re…

Maggie Reminisce.

Reminisce as a Verb: Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.
I don't know if I'm using it correctly, because I am looking back on Maggies old, brand-new-to-us days where she was ill, disgustingly underweight, and poorly, poorly, poorly over-shaven stomach due to her being fixed, and the reactions she indulged us with because of her many shots/micro-chipping, and new-home transfers after being lost in the wilds of Eastern Colorado Plains Desert in the dead of Winter.
So, I reminisce of Maggie's first days with us, and compare them to her current days with us. 
The OLDEN DAYS of Maggie

Well, the next day, we had to go to work. and school. and continue on with our lives. SO we locked her up in her crate, and left.


Making it The Gospel of GOD.

Not the white man's gospel... As Craig Smith's book details: "For you see, not only are Native people guilty of misinterpreting the gospel as the 'Whiteman's Gospel' but I believe that, unknowingly, the dominant society has often embraced and fostered the mentality that it is their gospel." --Whiteman's Gospel
So, now it is our turn to dive in, really deep, mind you, to the waters of ministery to and with Natives in Northern Minnesota... Primarily Chippewa aka Ojibwa people. Tim and I want you to know how big of a part of our story this is about to become. We are dedicating the next two months to prayer for the Lord to reveal more to us as to how we fit into this picture, of Bemidji, Mokahum, Canoes, Carpentry, A home, Discipleship, kids, family, Timing.... This is what we are seeking a better understanding of. Thank you for praying with us. Will you continue to lift our family up in prayer regularly? We need to petition the Lord daily for his strength…

I will follow you...

Follow you wherever you may go? Well, will you follow me? It would bring joy to my heart to know that you are reading this blog, keeping up with us kastencrazies. In order to "follow" this blog(which, remember would make me more glad than my eating an entire box of Nutty Bars, or a whole package of E.L. fudge cookies ALL by myself while reading an excellent historical fiction by Janette Oke or Laurraine Snelling in front of the fireplace on a cool and crisp fall day...) please go up to the top of this page, or all the way to the bottom if you want to, and click FOLLOW this blog. Use whatever account you want, or whatever name you have for commenting, and just click it. Click it or ticket, right?

Well, when you follow a blog, it really requires no commitment from you, and, unless you access your dashboard, you really won't see any change... There, you will see any updates that I, or other blogs that you may chose to follow, have made to their blogs. And, most helpfully o…